Do Girls Discuss “Everything” About Their Partners?

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Do Girls Discuss "Everything" About Their Partners?Many girls do discuss “everything” about their partners and often in specific detail.

If they have a circle of friends, family or acquaintances that they are comfortable with, they may be more prone to do it.

It is not always done consciously, as sometimes, a girl can get carried away. She can get lost in the moment.

This tends to happen when the girl is experiencing different emotional levels of comfort or discomfort.

For example, if you had an argument with her that wasn’t resolved in any way, she will be at a weaker emotional state.

If she doesn’t feel like she can fix this issue with you and get it resolved, she may look to a close friend, family member or acquaintance for relief or comfort.

This is when she may start talking about your relationship and revealing information that may seem a bit too much.

In these moments, her emotional state is very low.

It is a convoluted mixture of anger and hurt.

She feels like she needs someone to hear her out.

She looks to a friend, family member, acquaintance, etc.

This is how she tries to cope with how she is feeling.

On the flip side, she may be at a very high emotional state.

In other words, you may be having a very positive effect in her life.

You may be making her so happy that she just wants to share it.

She talks to trusted friends, family, acquaintances even a stranger and reveals a little bit more information about you and the relationship than she should.

She is on a high emotionally.

Think about a child on a sugar high.

They are often hyper and hard to keep in one spot.

That’s her.

However, her sugar high is mostly emotional.

Her way of releasing all of it is through letting the ones around her know just how happy you make her feel.

Again, while in the process of doing this, she may discuss “everything” or reveal a little too much about you.

It is not done to be malicious.

It is done because this is the way she is expressing herself through the power of her happy emotions.

The pleasure chemical in her brain, dopamine, which causes euphoria, is at such a high at this point that she may be blinded to the fact that the information she is divulging should be kept within the relationship and not divulged to others.

Hence, these are the two states of mind that would typically lead a girl to discuss “everything” about their partner.

They may either be experiencing an emotional low in the relationship or an emotional high.

If they are somewhere in the middle, they may reveal some information from time to time but for the most part, they would keep things that need to stay private, private.

This especially happens if she knows that you tend to be a private person who doesn’t like to have your personal business divulged to the world.

Some girls may also discuss “everything” about their partners when they have developed a lack of respect for them.

This tends to happen when a girl is beginning to either doubt the future of the relationship or is beginning to consider looking somewhere else to find emotional fulfillment.

She may begin to discuss “everything” at this point because she is no longer seeing her partner as a viable mate.

Hence, it’s true that many girls do discuss “everything” about their partners.

The extent to which they do this tends to depend on either their emotional state or the level of respect they have for the relationship.

Some girls reveal everything because they just feel the need to do so being that this is how they have always been and they like to get feedback from their friends.

Other girls may reveal some but keep particular details a secret just so that they, again, respect their relationship but also so that they don’t put themselves in vulnerable positions.

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