Do Girls Discuss “Everything” About Their Partners?

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Do Girls Discuss "Everything" About Their Partners?

Many girls do discuss “everything” about their partners and often in specific detail.

When they have a circle of friends, family or acquaintances that they are comfortable with, they are more prone to do it.

It is not always done consciously, as sometimes, a girl is carried away.

She is lost in the moment.

It happens when the girl is experiencing different emotional levels of comfort or discomfort.

For example, an argument you had with her that wasn’t resolved puts her at a weaker emotional state.

An issue she feels isn’t fixable with you, prompts her to look to a close friend, family member, or acquaintance for relief or comfort.

This is when she is talking about your relationship and revealing information that is a bit too much.

In these moments, her emotional state is very low.

It is a convoluted mixture of anger and hurt.

She feels like she needs someone to hear her out.

She looks to a friend, family member, acquaintance, etc.

This is how she tries to cope with how she is feeling.

On the flip side, she is at a very high emotional state, as you are having a significantly positive effect in her life.

You are making her so happy that she just wants to share it.

She talks to trusted friends, family, acquaintances and a stranger, revealing a little bit more information about you and the relationship than is appropriate.

She is on a high emotionally.

Think about a child on a sugar high.

They are often hyper and hard to keep in one spot.

That’s her.

Her sugar high is mostly emotional.

She releases it all through telling those around her about how happy you make her feel.

While in the process of doing this, she discusses “everything” or reveals a little too much about you.

It is not done to be malicious.

This is how she is expressing herself through the power of her happy emotions.

The pleasure chemical in her brain, dopamine, which causes euphoria, is at such a high she is blinded to the reality that the information she is divulging needs to be kept within the relationship and not divulged to others.

These are the two states of mind that leads a girl to discuss “everything” about their partner.

They are either experiencing an emotional low in the relationship or an emotional high.

Being somewhere in the middle, they reveal some information from time to time but for the most part, they keep things that need to stay private, private.

This especially happens when she knows that you are a private person who doesn’t like to have your personal business divulged to the world.

Some girls discuss “everything” about their partners when they have developed a lack of respect for said partners.

It happens when a girl is either doubting the future of the relationship or is considering looking somewhere else to find emotional fulfillment.

She discusses “everything” at this point, no longer seeing her partner as a viable mate.

It’s true that many girls do discuss “everything” about their partners.

The extent to which they do this depends on either their emotional state or the level of respect they have for the relationship.

Some girls don’t adhere to any of these rules, revealing everything without conscience, as they are curious to receive feedback from friends about aspects of their relationship.

The opposite are those who do reveal some, but keep particular details a secret just so that they show respect to their relationship while staving off too much vulnerability.

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