What Are Some Good Questions To Ask When You Are Getting To Know Someone?

A good question to ask when you are getting to know someone is to ask about what their typical day is like.

What Are Some Good Questions To Ask When You Are Getting To Know Someone?This gives you an amazing amount of significant information.

This is information you can then use to learn more about them and relate.

A person’s typical day includes activities that they do or don’t enjoy doing.

These are habitual activities.

You ascertain whether some of the activities that they participate in on a daily basis are similar to your own.

You get to figure out the characters of people they hang around.

This gives you a good idea of whether this person’s friends and family would get along with your own.

You learn about their possible hopes and expectations of the future.

They are doing something everyday in order to attain a particular goal.

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Taking classes for a particular career that they are hoping to have in the future.

Working on a project that gets them to the next level professionally.

Exercising in order to reach a certain goal in order to qualify for a marathon or athletic tournament in the future.

They are working towards saving up to go on a trip to Europe or South America.

In other words, you could discover so many facets about this person by simply asking them what their typical day is like.

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Use all of this information to your benefit by either learning more and delving deeper, or relating to them in some way upon discovering similarities.

Another good question to ask when you are getting to know someone is in reference to what they like to do for fun.

Asking them what they like to do for fun gives you an opening into this person’s pastime.

This helps you to gain valuable information about the person.

Use the information you get from them to help you further the discussion.

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Should you learn that this person likes to do photography for fun, ask them about what they tend to photograph.

This gets them in a good mood as they get to talk about something that they love to do or would like to do more often.

Further the discussion by asking whether it was alright to see some of their photography.

You are showing unadulterated interest in what this person cares about.

You talk about an interest that you have that is similar to photography.

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This is how you create a connection with this person that endears you to them.

A good question to ask when you are getting to know someone is to ask them about family.

For most people, family is a big part of their lives and extremely important.

When you ask a question about family, you make them think about people they care about.

This is usually a good feeling.

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Take the opportunity to relay an account of something interesting that recently happened in your family.

You talk about the recent birth of a nephew or a celebration of a family member’s birthday.

This makes this person even more open to talking about their own family to you.

All of this helps in creating a connection and a sense of commonality.

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