I’m Scared That I’m Never Going To Find Love?

I'm Scared That I'm Never Going To Find Love?

As you get older and watch your friends get engaged and consequently married, you are left feeling like you are never going to find love.

It’s scary to you.

A life passing you by as you miss out on what you want the most.


Whenever you are out and about, you see couples everywhere too.

With this many strangers in relationships, it makes it harder and harder not to believe that you are the problem.

This doesn’t do your self-esteem any favors.

It has been falling steadily as the years have progressed.

Every day that you wake up alone in your bed, your self-worth goes down several notches.

A generous dose of your confidence goes down with it.

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It’s not like you aren’t trying either.

You have been out to social events to meet guys, and have been on dates.

Unfortunately, those dates haven’t amounted to much.

There is no compatibility.

You have even tried dating apps and it has been the same thing.

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No luck.

It brings you back to whether the problem is to do with you.

As life passes, you are get closer and closer to the brink of labeling yourself as damaged with no hope of ever finding love.

Is this it for you?

Are you destined to be alone for the rest of your life?

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Here is the good news, you aren’t.

You are going to find love.

Now, you are right in thinking that the problem lies with you.

Nonetheless, it isn’t a death sentence.

The gods of love up in the heavens somewhere haven’t sentenced you to a life without love.

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The first step in overcoming this problem is to stop worrying about not finding love.

Stop worrying about your friends getting engaged and married while you are perennially single.

The fear that you are never going to find love, and its effect on how you live you life, is what keeps you from finding love.

You are so overwhelmed with this sentiment, it ends up influencing your reality by making it so.

People sense this sentiment in you.

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There is an energy you give off.

When people perceive it, they know something is off about you, and much of that has to do with you being someone who doesn’t believe you are ever going to find love.

People are adverse to loving someone who comes off as though they believe they are unlovable or don’t deserve to be loved.

This is when this sentiment impedes you from ever getting the love you want.

Instead of living your life with this mindset, do the opposite.

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Radiate love.

When you are out and about, look like you love life.

Use your body language to show it.

Smile, laugh, gesticulate, make conversation with people, hug, empathize and be animated.

Look like you love who you are and life itself.

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Do this wherever you are.

Whether you are on the street, in class, at work, church, hair saloon, mall, etc.

Radiate this positive energy.

The thing is, when you radiate positive energy, you attract positive energy.

Like attracts like.

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You come off as a person who loves herself and has a lot of love in her life.

This is what brings the right person into your life.

A person who wants to be a part of that shining spirit.

Henceforth, live this life and love will find you.

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