I Am A 28 Year Old Single Woman, Have I Missed Out On Love?

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I Am A 28 Year Old Single Woman, Have I Missed Out On Love?

You haven’t necessarily missed out on love.

One of the biggest mistakes some people make is in trying to put a time schedule on love.

You probably did this.

In fact, when you were younger, you probably mapped out your entire life in reference to love.

You prognosticated on what age you would meet your ideal mate.

You then saw the both of you getting married.

You then knew when you would both start having children.

You mapped out your life.

The truth is, not everyone is going to go on the straight and narrow path.

Not everyone gets to be where they wanted to be by a particular age.

It may be discouraging to see the relationships around you.

You may have friends who have found love, gotten married and are now beginning to have families.

This can make you begin to question your value and attractiveness.

Questioning your value and attractiveness can lead to low self esteem.

This is unattractive and can make you seem like Superman’s Kryptonite to the mate that you are trying to attract.

What you shouldn’t do here is question your worth or start wondering why everything didn’t turn out the way you had planned from when you were younger.

Instead of doing that, you should focus on the achievements that you have had so far in your life.

Look at the healthy relationships that you currently have with friends, family, work companions, acquaintances and see the value in them.

Understand what you bring to these relationships.

You are important and you do make a difference.

Realize that you are not abnormal for being a 28 year old single woman who thinks that she has missed out on love.

After acknowledging this, you should then reflect on your life and the opportunities that you may of had to meet potential mates in the past and evaluate how you responded.

Have there been moments when you allowed an opportunity to pass you by because that particular person didn’t meet the “criteria” that you were looking for in a mate?

Be honest with yourself.

Have you had these moments?

When you are honest about this and reflect on your past relationships or missed opportunities, it will be easier for you to change the way you go about doing things.

If you have had a rock solid “criteria” of what you want in a mate, you will need to loosen it up.

It doesn’t mean that you settle for what you don’t want.

It simply means that you open yourself up to something different.

This will require you to be somewhat brave.

However, it can be done.

Take whatever opportunities that come your way to meet people.

Don’t simply brush away offers to go out with friends because your life is too “busy” or you’re too tired.

You absolutely have to start taking a proactive approach to your dating life in order to give yourself a shot at love.

Don’t just sit back and bemoan the situation.

Reflect, make adjustments and take action.

By taking action, you would be taking control of your fate instead of hoping that somehow your fate will change.

Being in control of your fate gives you a sense of empowerment.

This sense of empowerment tends to help you make better choices in a partner.

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