Female Friend Kissed Me While Intoxicated?

Female Friend Kissed Me While Intoxicated?

The friendship you share with her has lasted a substantial amount of time.

While out having a few drinks, she leaned in out of nowhere and kissed you.

It wasn’t expected.

Since you didn’t see it coming, you were a little bit stunned when it happened.

Though intoxicated too, you had your bearings.

On the other hand, she was visibly more intoxicated than you were.

This is where your doubts about this kiss originate.

Being that she was intoxicated, you are debating whether her kiss was influenced by this.

Although she was the one who initiated the kiss out of nowhere, you have your doubts about how much of it was sincere, and how much of it was influenced by her intoxication.

As you look back on your friendship with her, there were sporadic moments of sexual tension between you.

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Now, she has kissed you while intoxicated.

Though stunned, you were happy when you got home that night.

Nevertheless, it didn’t take long before the worry that her kiss was solely influenced by her intoxication crept into your mind.

You have replayed that moment in your mind over and over again, trying to figure out whether that kiss meant anything.

Here’s the good news.

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She likes you, and has wanted you to kiss her for a while.

You never did.

When she was having drinks with you, she became intoxicated.

This gave her the liquid courage to kiss you.

What you do next is crucial.

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Alcohol was required for her to build up enough courage to kiss you.

She took a massive risk in doing it.

After all this time of waiting for you to make an aggressive move on her, she finally decided to make a move on you, but required alcohol in her system to do it.

Once her head clears from the alcohol, she is bound to worry about what she has done.

The worry about what you think about her now.

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This is when embarrassment overwhelms her consciousness.

Don’t let her dwell in this emotion.

Follow up her unexpected kiss by quickly contacting her and asking her out on a date.

Overthinking this wastes time and that doesn’t bode well for you.

Overthinking makes you procrastinate, too caught up in negative thoughts, and wrestling with your mind.

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The longer you take to ask her out on a date, the more she regrets the kiss.

She thinks that she overstepped the boundaries of her friendship with you in kissing you.

This means that she shuts out that kiss from her mind as much as possible.

This is where you lose out on the prospect of romance with her.

Once she has this mindset, she wants to save her friendship with you and does everything in her power to act as though the kiss never happened.

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Step up now and ask her out on a date while the kiss remains fresh in your memories.

This keeps her from second-guessing what she did in kissing you, which opens her up to letting you court her.

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