Are You Happy Or Comfortable Being Alone?

Are You Happy Or Comfortable Being Alone?

No shame in enjoying the solitude of your own company.

Sometimes, this is where people get the most joy.

Not everyone wants to be around others.

Society has picked a side.

It says that people should always have a partner or companions to do activities with or share their lives with.

We are shown in our own lives and through media that having the nuclear family and a life filled with social activities among friends should be what we all aspire to.

For those who actually love their solitude and do not aspire to reach these social “norms,” it sometimes feels like they are unduly labeled and ostracized.

Looking at their lives of solitude, where they spend a great deal of their time being alone, whether at home or at a beach, cinema, coffee shop, restaurant or some other favorite venue somewhere, the thought that something must be seriously wrong with them is inevitable.

Not due to a lack of happiness or fulfillment.

They have never been happier.

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Instead, it’s about what society expects of them and what it deems to be normal or not that has left them feeling isolated and abnormal.

As human beings, we are susceptible to our environment and culture.

The need to fit in is imbedded in our psyches from a very young age.

Before you learned how to really speak, your parents had already presented you to members of their local church and given you a birthday with neighbors and family friends attending.

We, as human beings, believe that our natural instinct is to be around others and that desire is normalized around us from a very early age.

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But what about those whose natural instinct is to be by themselves?

Not because they are weird, sad, depressed or angry with the world, but simply knowing that a life of solitude is what fits their personality best.

So many people find it hard to grapple with the idea that some people truly do prefer a life of solitude and are perfectly happy and comfortable being alone.

Immediately, they try to come up with a reason why you are like this so that they make sense of it.

Normally, they draw conclusions that have nothing to do with your outlook on life or family history.

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What many people choose to ignore is how eclectic we all are as human beings.

Sure, they are more understanding of a difference in musical tastes or food.

A difference in natural instinct, especially when it comes to the prospect of being alone and actually happy, is a lot harder for them to grapple with.

So much of their enjoyment and fulfillment in life derives from the experiences they have in various human relationships.

Imagining a person being happy without that or with it at a minimum, is unimaginable to them.

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It doesn’t matter what they think about you.

You are the one who gets to live your life, no one else.

Finding genuine comfort and happiness in being alone speaks to your own personality and what works best for you.

As long as it comes from a healthy place and not a rejection of the world, go on and keep being happy living the life you choose to live.

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