Do Players Only Fall For Women Who Truly Don’t Want Them?

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Do Players Only Fall For Women Who Truly Don't Want Them?Many players do fall for these women because they have finally met someone who isn’t fawning at their feet.

They have met a woman who is not only possibly their equal but even surpasses them in intellect or style.

There is something about meeting someone that is so above what you are used to that you simply can’t get them out of your mind.

Players are used to getting what they want.

Years of practice has made them very adept at pushing the right buttons when it comes to getting a woman to fall for them.

Many women do.

Players get used to this and start taking the seduction game for granted.

When a player actually comes across a woman who doesn’t want them, it can be an initial shock to their system.

I compare it to the way a person feels when they are going 100 miles an hour in their car and suddenly have to come to an abrupt and unexpected stop.

There are tires screeching and even a powerful lurch forward.

Those tires are spinning and smoking.

This is what it is like for the player when they meet a woman who truly doesn’t want them.

They are taken aback and surprised.

They are so used to getting what they want and using just the right words to do so.

Now, this isn’t working.

These tried and true methods are simply having no effect on this woman.

This woman is now an enigma.

She is foreign and is something that they have either never come across before or rarely do.

Now, they want her even more because they can’t allow her to beat them.

All they have to do is just raise their game to the next level and they should win her over.

So the player raises his game.

He starts using tactics of seduction that he has rarely had the need to use in the past.

He believes that he is going to win.

She is surely going to fall for these smooth words and moves.

However, to his shock and amazement, she doesn’t fall for that either.

What on earth is going on?

The player tries to raise his game even higher.

It still has no effect on her. She is not budging.

She may even be playing along from time to time only to stop him dead in his tracks.

He doesn’t go any further.

Now he has completely run out of game.

This is absolutely foreign territory to him. He has run out of tricks.

He is even questioning his level of attractiveness.

Perhaps he should change his wardrobe, buy some new jewelry, buy a new flashy car or buy new cologne.

He is in complete confusion and is out of his depth.

This is when he realizes that he simply can’t get this woman out of his mind.

He can’t stop thinking about her.

He tries to call her, write her, send her gifts, etc.

She may respond from time to time but the conversations rarely go very far.

He also finds himself having to do all the initiating.

He isn’t used to this. He is used to girls texting and calling him endlessly.

This woman isn’t doing that.

This is when he has met a woman that he simply can’t get enough of.

This is when and how the player falls for a woman who doesn’t want him.

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4 thoughts on “Do Players Only Fall For Women Who Truly Don’t Want Them?”

  1. But would a relationship ever happen between him and her? What would be the next stage for her to get him if the only way is to be uninterested?

  2. Hi Kelly,

    Yes, a relationship could happen between him and her.

    The next stage for her to get him would be to start giving the player subtle hints that she wants him but have him do the chasing.

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