Is It Okay As An Adult To Have Never Experienced Love Because Of Our Hookup Culture?

Is It Okay As An Adult To Have Never Experienced Love Because Of Our Hookup Culture?

It is best to avoid thinking that you should be at a certain place in your life or you should have had a certain experience in your life such as love because you are an adult.

Everyone moves at a certain pace.

Not everyone is going to get to experience love at the same time or stage in life.

This is why it is important that you don’t get so caught up in thinking that you should be at a certain place in your life when it comes to love because you are now an adult.

True, there is a hookup culture now.

A lot of it is due to the amount of social media and dating apps that are out there now.

These mediums have allowed people to connect with a lot more people than they ever would have in their daily lives without these mediums.

These mediums have also allowed those who use it a sense of abundance.

When there are so many people that one can meet through these mediums, it becomes that much harder to simply focus on one person to interact with and possibly love eventually.

It’s like a young child in a candy store.

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There is just so much choice.

Hence, people just decide that they might as well sample as much as they can out there because it is just too tempting.

There is too much candy.

Hence, these people put love aside and just focus on hooking up.

Again, being that there are so many options, they find it hard to just focus on one option.

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Hence, we have the hookup culture.

However, it is important that you don’t blame the fact that you are an adult and never experienced love on the hookup culture.

You may have not been helping yourself either.

You may have also allowed yourself to get sucked into the hookup culture.

You may have used these mediums yourself in order to connect with people.

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Perhaps you started off believing that you were using these mediums in order to find love.

However, somewhere along the way, you may have gotten sucked into that hookup culture yourself.

You may have found yourself falling prey to wanting more and more.

You may have become that child in a candy store.

Perhaps you were interacting with someone on a dating app and everything was going good but then another person caught your attention or sent you a message and you started talking to that person too.

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Soon after, you start focusing on the new person and forget about the other person that you were initially talking to.

This is how you get sucked in.

You may even hook up with the new person that you started talking to only to decide that this person isn’t a good match for you and thereby you go back to the dating app to find someone else.

Again, the temptation of abundance can be very hard to ignore.

If it is love you seek, you should try avoiding acting in this way and avoid interacting with people who have the abundance mentality.

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Always ensure earlier on that the person that you are talking to is interested in pursuing a serious relationship.

The earlier you determine this, the easier it will be for you to eventually find love as an adult, regardless of the hookup culture.

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