Will I Ever Find Love, Settle Down And Have A Family?

Will I Ever Find Love, Settle Down And Have A Family?

You will find love, settle down and have a family when you realize your potential to evolve into so much more than what you perceive yourself to be.

When you are frequently thinking about your lack of love, you foster negativity.

You are so consumed with the lack of love in your life that you lose a sense of who you truly are as a person.

You don’t realize that you are doing this, but you stop looking people in the eye or fall into bad relationships, giving in to desperation.

There are snakes who smell a desperate person and know how to take advantage of them.

They use them up, debilitate them mentally and spit them out in a much worse state than they were.

Don’t be one of their victims.

Similarly, don’t determine your entire worth by whether you have found love, settled down and had a family.

This is a beautiful part of life but beauty also exists in other areas.

When you get up each day, what do you do?

Are you grateful?

Do you smile and tell yourself that you are determined to do something new today?

Do remind yourself to smile at that stranger or appreciate the scenery, as you drive to school or work for once?

When you learn to love the beauty around you and within you, you mature into a better person.

You exude a sense of purpose and contentment in life.

Upon realizing that you are progressing into what you have the potential to be, you aren’t unhappy, negative or desperate.

You are perfectly content and are growing each and every day.

Surround yourself with people who think similarly.

Notice how more and more people are drawn to you.

Now, you are evolving.

You are evolving each and every day.

Conversations are initiated with perfect strangers, telling them to look at that beautiful sunrise.

They catch it.

When they look at you, they see that you have a glow to your face.

This is when your life changes.

An open spirit draws the right people into your life, eventually bringing the perfect partner for you into your life.

They love you, settle down with you and have a family with you.

They give you the life that you want and you are grateful and happy.

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