Should I Call Him Out On Ghosting Me Or Just Cut Him Off?

Should I Call Him Out On Ghosting Me Or Just Cut Him Off?

Just cut him off.

Calling him out on ghosting you is a waste of your time.

A desire to call him out originates from a place of anger and disappointment.

He ghosted you and you hate it.

In calling him out, you are hoping to get back at him for being so callous and heartless.

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Yet, all it does is prolong your anger, which keeps you from moving forward with your life.

Calling him out doesn’t make him remorseful.

It doesn’t make him all that angry either.

Ghosting you was his way of showing that you didn’t mean anything to him.

Calling him out isn’t suddenly going to make him feel something he doesn’t.

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He doesn’t care for you.

Unfortunately, that is the reality.

Calling him out on ghosting you doesn’t change how he feels about you.

Cutting him off is the better avenue.

It lets you move forward with your life.

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He has to be cut him off in every sense of the word.

People deceive themselves into thinking they have cut someone off when they realistically haven’t.

Don’t do what they do.

Don’t block him on one social media platform but keep him unblocked on another, or block his phone number on your main mobile phone service provider, but keep him unblocked on a secondary mobile phone service provider.

There is no point to cutting a guy off when you are pretending.

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Closing one door and leaving another open isn’t how you cut off a guy who has been ghosting you.

Do it the right way or don’t bother.

Cutting him off means that he has been cut off from all platforms.

In addition, you aren’t posting messages on social media that are indirectly referencing him nor asking mutual friends about what he is posting on his social media.

Cutting him off is a complete blackout.

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You have cut off any and all means by which either one of you have an avenue to communicate.

Also, you aren’t frequenting locations that you two would go to.

That goes for the wonderful Italian restaurant downtown and the quaint Irish pub a few blocks down.

That’s history.

Time to find a new Italian restaurant and Irish pub to frequent.

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You see, you are cutting this guy off from you virtually and physically, so that you eliminate the potential of bumping into him at a familiar location in town or receiving a message from him in the virtual world.

This is how you cut a guy off who ghosted you.

He deserves it.

Calling him out only keeps you dwelling on this guy, and he isn’t worth it.

In the midst of all this, you are living your best life.

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You aren’t letting this bring you down.

You are participating in new activities and meeting new people.

Watch out.

Guys who ghost have a tendency to come back, especially when they have been completely cut off and they know the girl has been living her best life ever since.

Should he so happen to try coming back into your life, don’t entertain it.

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Letting him back into your life sends the message that what he did was alright, which increases the likelihood he ghosts you again.


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