Did He Just Ask Me Out?

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Did He Just Ask Me Out?

If he asked you to do something with him on a particular day, time and location as well as gave you the specifics of what the both of you would be doing, he just asked you out.

This is what you need to look for.

The key is that he was very specific in what he asked.

He didn’t vaguely suggest that the both of you do something on some day of the week and perhaps at some point in the evening.

He actually gave you an actual day, time, location and what the both of you would be doing.

This is a guy who is being very specific and firm in his intentions.

It is very likely that he already thought this through and has already envisioned how the date may go in his head.

Typically, when a guy is this specific, he wants the girl to know that he is serious about asking her out.

He wants her to have the full and certain impression that this is actually a date.

Another way to tell that he just asked you out is if he did so in a manner that was very engaged.

He wasn’t distracted when he was telling you.

He was looking right into your eyes and asking you.

He may have even used some of his body language to convey this message.

He may have touched you on the arm as he told you while looking into your eyes.

He may have leaned into you while asking you out.

These are signs of him trying to break through that personal wall and establish a connection with you. These are romantic body language signs.

Also, where did he do this?

If he asked you out where there was no one else present and it was primarily the both of you in this particular place, there is a good chance that he was actually asking you out.

He did this where he knew that no one else would be there to distract.

When a guy chooses these private moments where he is one on one with a girl, he is typically asking her out.

He is trying to do so in an environment that is independent of influence so that the girl can give him her most honest answer without the added pressure of being around people in public.

Also, if you notice that he contacts you consistently between now and the day of the date, he asked you out.

If you notice that he has increased his amount of communication with you, this is him showing that his interest level for you has grown.

This is also him showing anticipation.

He is communicating in order to ensure that the both of you continue having chemistry that leads up to the day of the date in question.

He is also communicating more in order to ensure that you don’t forget the date.

He wants to make sure that he gets you stimulated and excited for that particular day that is coming up.

He is excited about it and wants you to be as well. This kind of energy opens him up to letting you see a good amount of his personality on the day of the date.

In other words, he would want to be as honest about who he really is as possible. This always bodes well for a date.

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