Is A Woman Lazy If She Doesn’t Cook For Her Man Every Day?

Is A Woman Lazy If She Doesn't Cook For Her Man Every Day?

Cooking for a partner every day is no small task.

Surely, a good man wouldn’t have an issue with his woman taking a break from cooking every once in a while.

It all boils down to the relationship they have agreed to have.

What works for one relationship doesn’t always work for another.

Some women wouldn’t be caught dead in a kitchen cooking, and others love it.

It’s about what works for either party.

Basically what speaks to their love languages.

A balance is a must.

A woman who is cooking without any form of reciprocation from her man is asking for trouble.

It won’t be long before resentment develops and either party is at each other’s throats, upset.

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So there must be a balance.

She loves to cook, great.

The two agree that she has the task of cooking in the relationship.

He loves to financially provide, great.

He has the task of providing financially for the woman.

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The two are in agreement and venture into a relationship.

As long as both parties are meeting their obligations for the most part, it’s unlikely they have serious issues within the relationship.

Although the man has been designated as the financial provider, there are times when he doesn’t have enough left over to treat her to her monthly spa treatments.

No shame here.

She deserves a day away from cooking in the home, spoiling herself once a month.

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She isn’t upset in the slightest.

His work cut his hours this month and after paying immediate bills in the home, he didn’t have enough left over to treat her to her monthly spa treatments.

She doesn’t fly off the handle in anger at this.

He had a bad month at work.

Instead of getting upset he didn’t make enough to give her a spa treatment, she tells him not to worry and to make it up to her the next month.

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This doesn’t mean he is lazy.

He had a bad month.

Overall, he has been a great financial provider and she knows it.

The same logic applies to a situation where she didn’t cook for her man every day during the course of a particular week.

She cooked like crazy for him the previous week and there is a bunch of leftovers in the fridge.

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Exhausted, she decides to take a breather and not cook every day on the following week.

Granted, this goes against the norm, but she figures she is good for it.

This doesn’t make her lazy.

She spends most days cooking for her man as agreed upon when the relationship was instigated.

She isn’t lazy when she misses a day or two here and there, being that she has been consistently cooking for him almost every day of the week since their relationship became exclusive.

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It isn’t fair to judge her for this.

As a human being, she gets tired and has bad days.

Taking a break from routine from time to time is perfectly fine.

She should be judged on the totality of her behavior, and not the few moments where she takes a break from cooking for her man.

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