Tips On Dating Someone That Makes Way More Money Than You?

Tips On Dating Someone That Makes Way More Money Than You?

If you are dating someone that makes way more money than you, you should understand that the value that this person places on you may have nothing to do with how much money you bring to the relationship.

You may make this person feel really good in several aspects that have nothing to do with how much money you make.

It is really important that you come to terms with this first.

You have to start looking at yourself through the lenses of this other person to some extent.

This is a person that may care about how you make them laugh or how you inspire them a lot more than how much money you make.

The importance of trying to understand this through their eyes is because, if you were to ignore doing so, you could begin to make yourself feel insecure.

You could make yourself so worried that you make less money that you unnecessarily jeopardize the relationship in how you consequently behave.

Now, if you have allowed yourself to come to terms with this, there is something else that you should consider.

What you make is not necessarily indicative of your passion in life.

If you are doing something career-wise that you are passionate about, this may be all this other person needs to see that you are a genuine individual.

In fact, they may even enjoy feeding off the energy you bring when you talk about what you do for a living and how passionate you are about it.

It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t pay as much.

It doesn’t matter that it may not be as prestigious.

It doesn’t matter that it may not necessarily have a whole lot of opportunities to move up that corporate ladder.

What matters most is how passionate you are about it and how much you feel that you are making a difference.

If you are confident in this, this person that you are dating will be able to tell.

As I mentioned earlier, this kind of energy alone could make them feel like you are worth so much more than the money.

To this person, you would be that shining beacon of hope.

You would be that person that is following their heart and making a difference.

Do understand that even though this person you are dating makes way more money than you do, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they absolutely love what they do and feel a real sense of fulfillment from it.

They honestly may not.

They may have gotten into a career field simply because they had the intelligence to do so and knew that this was an area where they could make a lot of money.

They may not necessarily be passionate about what they do.

They may have started with passion but may have lost it as everything started becoming more about the numbers than the mission.

Thereby, you may actually be a refreshing change to this person and this may be an important factor to why they like you.

The more secure and confident you are, the less likely money will be a factor in determining how well you both get along.


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