Tips On Dating Someone That Makes Way More Money Than You?

When you are dating someone that makes way more money than you, realize that the value that this person places on you has nothing to do with how much money you bring to the relationship.

Tips On Dating Someone That Makes Way More Money Than You?You make this person feel good in several aspects that have nothing to do with how much money you make.

It is critical to come to terms with this first.

Look at yourself through the lenses of this person.

It isn’t inconceivable that this is a person that cares about how you make them laugh, or how you inspire them, a lot more than how much money you make.

When you look at it in this manner, it keeps you from getting so caught up on your insecurities about these financial differences.

You run the risk of making yourself so worried that you make less money, you unnecessarily jeopardize the relationship in how you consequently behave.

What you make is not indicative of your passion in life.

If you have a career that you are passionate about, this is enough for this person to see you as a genuine individual.

This is a person that enjoys feeding off the energy you bring when you talk about what you do for a living and how passionate you are about it.

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It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t pay as much, or isn’t as prestigious.

What matters most is how passionate you are about it, and how much you feel that you are making a difference.

When you show this energy, this person perceives it.

This energy alone makes you worth so much more than the money.

To this person, you are that shining beacon of hope.

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Someone who is following their heart and making a difference.

Even though this person you are dating makes way more money than you do, it doesn’t mean that they absolutely love what they do for a living, and get fulfillment from it.

They could just as easily of gotten into a high-paying career field due to its high-earning potential, knowing that they had the required intelligence to do so.

It doesn’t mean that they are passionate about what they do.

Sometimes, the passion is there in the beginning, but wanes over time as it becomes more about making corporate profits above all else.

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This makes you such a refreshing change to this person, as you are not in the world of the corporate rat race where values are replaced with a voracious desire for corporate profits.

The more secure and confident you are, the less likely money is a factor in determining how well you get along with each other.

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