How Long Is Too Long Not To Date?

How Long Is Too Long Not To Date?

It’s about when it is right for you.

Never fall prey to peer or societal pressure to date when you don’t believe you are ready.

The longer you are not dating, pressure from peers and society is inevitable.

Don’t let either one influence you.

The only person who knows she is ready to date is you.

There are priorities in your life that you would much rather address before dating.

There is nothing wrong with this.

When you rush into dating without doing all of this first, you doom the relationship to failure.

It is only a matter of time before the relationship suffers due to this.

You rushed into dating, believing you could address these priorities while in a relationship and it doesn’t work out.

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The relationship suffers as you grapple with how to balance these priorities with your partner’s emotional, mental and physical needs.

Having priorities doesn’t mean that you have to have everything aligned perfectly in your life before dating.

The emphasis should be on those priorities that you know have to be resolved before dating, as not doing so would greatly interfere with any romantic relationship you get into.

Not handling these pressing priorities leads to a cycle of short-lived relationships.

Don’t get too caught up in how long it takes to fulfill these priorities.

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As long as you are diligently working on these priorities, they get resolved in due time and you can move on to dating seamlessly.

It is a different story when you aren’t working on these priorities consistently and time is passing by.

Normally, when you are procrastinating on fulfilling these priorities, it speaks to having a deeper fear of dating than you are prepared to admit.

You know that in procrastinating on fulfilling these priorities, you have an excuse to put dating aside.

This is worrisome.

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You are showing that there is a deeper fear of dating that goes beyond whatever priorities you have.

In this context, look deeper within yourself.

Is there a fear of emotional intimacy?

When there is a fear of emotional intimacy, there is a strong probability of emotional or mental abuse in your past.

This can’t be brushed aside and ignored.

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You must fix it.

The fix starts with forgiving whoever did this to you so that you give yourself the mental fortitude to move forward with your love life.

This is further facilitated by building positive platonic relationships with members of the opposite sex.

You get to see that there are men who are trustworthy and good.

Unlike the negative encounter you had in your past with whoever emotionally abused you, you are exposed to men who are the complete opposite.

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These male friends aren’t manipulating you emotionally or mentally.

You don’t have to beg for their attention or compliments.

They respect you as a human being and treat you with tenderness.

This is how you repair the damage caused by emotional and mental abuse sustained from your past, which loosens you up to the prospect of dating when the time is right.

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