What Is The Most Likely Reason A Man Doesn’t Approach A Woman On The Street?

 What Is The Most Likely Reason A Man Doesn't Approach A Woman On The Street?

A man is terrified of rejection upon approaching a woman on the street.

That is the most likely reason he doesn’t approach her.

He thought about approaching but holds himself back.

There is something off about the woman.

To reiterate, a man’s number one reason for not approaching a woman on the street has to do with the fear of rejection.

For him to approach her, he has to believe that he has a good chance at success.

There is one thing a man goes to time and time again to determine whether he should approach a woman on the street.

Her body language.

How is she behaving?

He looks for cues that she is someone that would be receptive to him.

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What does he look for?

He looks to see whether she looks in his direction.

In doing so, does she smile at him or sustain eye contact?

If she isn’t looking at him, is she at least making eye contact with people around her, acknowledging them and being pleasant?

This is positive body language to him which sends the message that she would show him the same courtesy if he were to approach her.

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In addition, he looks to see how present she is.

Is she preoccupied with looking at her phone, talking on her phone, or looking to get somewhere in a hurry?

All of this makes her unapproachable.

She is too concerned with what she is doing and isn’t paying attention to the world around her.

She is too intent on taking a selfie and posting it to her social media somewhere along the street, or yapping to someone on her phone, or bustling to a store somewhere.

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This makes him believe that if he were to approach her on the street, she would treat him like he is a nuisance who is getting in her way and bothering her.

This makes him nervous, putting the specter of getting rejected at the forefront of his mind.

Remember, a man’s number reason for not approaching a woman on the street is based on his fear of rejection.

He is going to do everything in his power to determine whether a woman is attracted to him or approachable before he considers making a move on her.

In a situation where she isn’t sending signals of interest directly at him, he looks to see how she behaves within her environment.

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This is his natural instinct.

When a woman doesn’t give him the right cues, he is hard-pressed to avoid approaching her.

Her negative body language has an impact on him and he surmises that she wouldn’t be receptive to him upon approach.

The thought of ignoring this conclusion and approaching her anyway is horrifying.

Getting rejected by her would leave him depressed, and he carries that depression with him for the rest of his day and week.

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Yes, the downturn of a rejection can last that long.

Men want to avoid this at all costs.

So he watches her body language with the eyes of a hawk.

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