How Do I Know If I’m In Love?

How Do I Know If I'm In Love?

People experience being in love in various forms.

Some are incredibly excited about the person and can’t stop thinking and talking about them.

Some feel a rush of inexplicable energy whenever they are around the person as though they were just injected with a large dose of adrenaline.

With that much energy, they feel like they are ready to run through walls.

As loud and pleasurable a feeling of being in love has in many people, some others experience it in a quieter fashion.

Instead of feeling a bunch of energy when they are with the person, they just feel an incredible sense of calm.

A feeling of safety and relaxation.

Just like getting a massage from an amazing masseuse.

Being around the person just makes them relaxed, safe and calm.

Almost Zen-like.

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When they think about the person, instead of a rush, they smile and become incredibly relaxed.

It even helps with their sleep.

Instead of having a rush of emotions when they go to bed at night, keeping them awake as they think about this person, they have a steady image of the person in their minds.

This causes them to fall asleep very smoothly and without much delay.

That there are such seemingly opposite reactions to how people fall in love speaks to how different we are as human beings when it comes to our temperaments and how we fall in love.

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For many, falling in love is a massive rush that puts them in a heightened state of excitement.

For others, falling in love has more of a soothing effect, making them feel relaxed and at peace.

These are the more common ways to know you are in love, but not all.

There are some people who only know they are in love when that love sneaks up on them.

Normally, the realization is triggered by an inciting incident.

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Perhaps their partner goes through something traumatic like a family tragedy or health emergency.

In a crisis, an immense desire to protect and support suddenly gets triggered.

They suddenly feel a level of protectiveness over their partner, they didn’t know they had.

Up until this inciting incident, their relationship was fun but there was nothing all that special about it.

It was just a fun and enjoyable relationship.

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They would go on weekend trips which were fun.

Concerts, movies, hiking, skiing, dancing, were all fun.

Again, the relationship was fun and enjoyable, but there was nothing pointing to being in love.

The inciting incident happens and they are now finding themselves having deep concern for their partner and doing everything in their power to help said partner.

All of a sudden, they are feeling something they have never felt in the relationship.

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It’s a combination of fear and hope.

Soon, they realize that this partner isn’t just about fun and weekend trips.

Their relationship goes a lot deeper than that.

They feel just as scared for their partner in their current emergency as they would themselves if they were in the same situation.

For the first time, they realize that their happiness and sense of well-being is attached to their partner and as long as their partner is in duress, they are too.

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This is when they come to the realization they are in love with their partner.

It snuck up on them and they needed an inciting incident to bring it out of them.

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