How Long Is It Supposed To Take To Get Over Someone Completely?

How Long Is It Supposed To Take To Get Over Someone Completely?

Getting over someone completely takes a few weeks to a few months.

For some, it takes years.

A lot depends on what you do.

It takes longer when you are stubbornly attached to the person, steadfastly hoping for a recovery.

Those who adopt aggressive steps to get over someone, get over that person sooner.

What preoccupies your thoughts daily?

A desire to move on, or a desire to live in the past, hoping this person returns?

Don’t lie to yourself.

Forcing yourself to believe that you want to get over someone when you innately don’t, isn’t beneficial.

There must be a genuine intent to move on.

With that intent, declare and accept that whatever you had with this person is over.

It doesn’t matter how amazing it was, nor how promising.

It is over forever.

That’s how you take the first steps to getting over someone.

A realization that the relationship is over, FOREVER!

Now that your mind has accepted this, use the abundance of your time preoccupied in new and exciting interests.

Do something new, whether it be cooking, camping, hiking, exercise classes, etc.

Travel to broaden your knowledge of the world.

Embed yourself around new people who have different perspectives on life .

This aids you in growing as a person.

As you indulge in these thrilling adventures, a substantial amount of your time is eaten up, leaving you minimal time to think about this person.

Eventually, you are more caught up in these activities than this person and you suddenly aren’t thinking about this person anywhere near as much.

A few weeks ago, you woke up in the morning preoccupied with thoughts about this person and whether they cared or were thinking about you.

Today, you are looking forward to going camping with new friends over the upcoming weekend.

New adventures and new people in your life is a fantastic step, but it must be met with a discipline to shut this person out of your daily life to the best of your ability.

This means you aren’t calling this person or sending them texts.

You aren’t checking their social medias, regardless of how quick you do it.

Going to familiar places that were patronized in the past between you is out of the question.

That favorite frozen yogurt shop has to go into the background, at least for now.

Find a new one.

Do everything in your power to avoid places where it is likely or credible you bump into each other.

Any progress you have made so far in indulging in new activities is rattled by suddenly bumping into this person at your local gym.

Abruptly, you go from looking forward to going to an art exhibition later that day with a new friend, to having flashbacks about this person.

You don’t need that this soon.

You are too vulnerable.

Anything that brings this person into your consciousness has to be avoided.

Eventually, as you persist, your mind and emotions change.

One day you come to the realization that you don’t remember the last time you thought about the person and it has only been a few weeks.

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