Why Would Men Cheat With Less Attractive Women?

Why Would Men Cheat With Less Attractive Women?

She was there.

It was easy.

He didn’t have to put out a whole lot of work to get the less attractive woman to sleep with him.

Unlike a lot of women, men cheat from a physical standpoint.

In other words, he is consumed with getting his rocks off and as long as that desire is met, he isn’t as concerned with the woman’s looks.

Yes, it sounds crazy for a man to cheat on his attractive girlfriend or wife with a less attractive woman.

It almost doesn’t make sense.

If he is going to go to the extent of risking his relationship by cheating, why not do it with a woman that is at least as attractive as his partner?

You are overthinking this.

Men don’t think that hard.

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Is the less attractive woman fully into him?


This means he doesn’t have to work too hard to seduce her.

Is the less attractive woman fully available to him?


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This means he doesn’t have to waste time and effort wooing her.

The less attractive woman is easy.

This makes the prospect of cheating with her incredibly palatable to him.

On top of this, the less attractive woman is less likely to expect the world from him.

She is just grateful that he has slept with her or is sleeping with her.

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She takes whatever she can get.

This is his mindset.

So, for him, he has no qualms cheating with a less attractive woman.

The easier it is for him, the better.

He doesn’t have the time to go after an attractive woman who has a list of requirements.

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That takes time, money, emotional investment, you name it.

With a woman that is less attractive, he doesn’t have to put in anywhere near that amount of work.

Again, it is easy.

And for men who are adept at separating physical pleasure from emotional investment, it is easy for him to cheat with a less attractive woman.

It’s not like he intends to marry this less attractive woman or make her his girlfriend.

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His intentions are purely physical and being that she is a much easier person to cheat with than having to go find himself a woman as attractive as his partner, he cheats with her.

As long as his physical needs are met, he doesn’t care that she is less attractive.

He has no intention of marrying her or making her his girlfriend.

He isn’t bringing this less attractive woman to family barbecues or social events with friends.

He is meeting her to have sex somewhere and that is it.

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This is how men like this approach this.

He is about meeting his immediate physical needs and nothing else.

This is where a woman differs strongly from a man.

She cheats for emotional support and he cheats for physical release.

With this approach, it doesn’t matter that the woman is less attractive.

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It is about what he has available to him that is easy.

Many women are puzzled when they are cheated on by a partner who sleeps with a woman less attractive than they are.

It makes them call into question whether they are indeed as attractive as they think they are.

Well, again, it has little to do with looks for a guy and more to do with convenience.

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