How Do You Manage Jealousy?

How Do You Manage Jealousy?

Jealousy is fomented from insecurity within.

To manage it, you have to know what that insecurity is.

Sometimes, that insecurity is triggered in childhood.

But insecurity can be triggered in adulthood too.

What are you insecure about?

Once you know what that is, it is so much easier to manage jealousy.

Knowing what your insecurity is means that you now know what you need to work on.

For instance, let’s say that you have an insecurity about an aspect of your physicality.

Work on that aspect of your physicality in an attempt to improve it.

Once you improve it, the insecurity is gone.

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If it is a physicality that is impossible or extremely difficult to change, enhance other areas of your physicality to make up for that shortfall.

The same thing applies to an insecurity you have around a fear of abandonment.

Work on increasing your capacity to trust.

A fear of abandonment stems from an absence of trust in yourself and in people.

In people, you fear that your relationships are doomed to end in someone leaving you.

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In yourself, you fear that you don’t have what it takes to keep someone around.

Once you learn how to trust yourself and the people you associate with, your fear of abandonment dissipates.

Trusting yourself requires that you accept that you won’t always make the right choices in the people you choose to associate yourself with.

This gives yourself an opening to forgive yourself whenever a relationship ends badly, knowing full well that you will learn from the experience and make better choices in people in the future.

You look at your life as a learning experience, a work in progress.

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You trust that as you make both good and bad decisions, you will inevitably get to where you are making more good decisions in who you choose to associate with, than bad.

Being that you have made some good decisions at this point in who you choose to associate with, you know that there are people out there who are actually trustworthy.

This develops an abundance mindset within you in terms of people you associate with.

Instead of worrying that there is no one you can trust or that there are only a handful of people you can trust, you realize and come to accept that there are an abundance of people you can trust.

This exercise ultimately gets you to a place where you no longer have a fear of abandonment.

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An absence of this fear does wonders in managing jealousy.

Instead of getting jealous over the fear that someone you like will abandon you for someone else, you realize that there is an abundance of people of good character who won’t abandon you.

Ergo, should this particular person so happen to leave you for someone else, you have more than enough good people around you that you have wisely chosen over the years, to keep you from feeling any sense of abandonment.

This is your security blanket.

It keeps you from becoming too emotionally dependent on any one person.

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With this mentality, jealousy rarely occurs in your life.

Whenever you have an inkling of it within you, your mind instantly sends you a message to relax, as there is so much abundance in your life and potential for more.

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