What Might Be A Reason For Not Being Interested In Dating?

What Might Be A Reason For Not Being Interested In Dating?

At this stage in your life, you have a variety of interests.

You are fully aware of the pressure from peers to date, being that they are all out there dating.

It makes you seem like the odd one out to not be dating.

Notwithstanding, there is a potent desire within you to achieve in a number of areas in your life, and none of these areas have anything to do with being wined and dined by a guy.

When you go to bed at night and wake up in the morning, your mind is consumed with stuff you would love to achieve or experience.

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The last thing on your mind at this stage in your life is, guys.

It’s not that you don’t like guys.

You do.

But a variety of interests takes precedence at this stage in your life.

There is no reason for you to feel weirded out by this.

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Not being interested in dating when you have more pressing interests is legitimate, regardless of how your peers judge you.

They aren’t you.

You know you, being that you are in your head and body each and every day.

For you, living out your interests has a greater priority to you at this stage in your life than dating.

There is nothing wrong with that.

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The one time adopting this approach does you a disservice is when you have been hurt in a past relationship, and left with emotional baggage that you are covering up by filling your mind with these interests.

Did you have a bad breakup in the past?

How did you handle it?

Did you resolve the emotional repercussions that resulted from the breakup or did you push them aside?

Pushing them aside and replacing those thoughts with those of your interests is where you get yourself in a tangled mess.

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When you don’t face your emotional woes head-on, pushing them aside instead, you won’t get very far before everything crashes in on you.

Irrespective of how many interests you consume yourself with, your emotional woes surface eventually.

When it rises to the surface, it negatively affects your relationships with family, friends, coworkers, etc.

You don’t want this.

Best to handle whatever emotional baggage you experience from a bad breakup in its aftermath, as opposed to shoving it aside and replacing it with thoughts about your interests.

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An emotional breakdown is imminent when you avoid handling emotional baggage acquired from a previous relationship.

This aside, not being interested in dating is often a result of someone who is fearful of failure.

You have either had relationships that ended badly in the past or you have witnessed the relationships of people you care about break down and shatter.

This has left you terrified of dating, as you worry about the prospect of ending up in a relationship that fails.

You don’t want to go through that.

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You remember how awful it felt when you went through a failed relationship in the past or what a failed relationship did to your mom, aunt, uncle, brother, etc.

As a failsafe, you make yourself disinterested in dating.

This way, you don’t have to be confronted with the prospect of failure for the foreseeable future.


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