Do You Get Jealous When Your Significant Other Works With Attractive People?

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Do You Get Jealous When Your Significant Other Works With Attractive People?

For many, getting jealous when their significant other works with attractive people is commonplace.

So much of that comes from external factors as well as internal insecurity.

Some have had significant others from their past cheat on them with attractive coworkers.

Others just have an internal sense of inadequacy, believing that they aren’t good enough for their partner.

Neither one of these are healthy for any relationship.

Judging your current significant other based on mishaps you experienced in a past relationship is never a good approach.

Unless you repeatedly choose to make people who have had a history of being unfaithful to their partners your significant others, you shouldn’t make it a habit to put your significant others in a box, believing they are going to cheat on you with an attractive coworker.

A massive component to a healthy relationship is trust.

When you are unable to trust that your significant other is capable of working with attractive people and not feel any compulsion to cheat on you with them, you are causing a major impediment to having a healthy relationship.

A lack of trust is what leads to suspicion where suspicion isn’t warranted.

Suspicion alone or the mere hint of it is enough to make a relationship falter.

When your concern is anchored on a negative past experience with a previous partner, you need to come to terms with that and have a conversation with your current significant other about it.

Let them know where your anxiety comes from.

A significant other that cares about you would want to put your mind at ease.

To offset the chances you become jealous in the future, you both can come up with a way to avoid any misunderstanding.

Tell your significant other about how your previous partner went about making you feel insecure about what they were doing at work.

A lack of communication, particularly whenever they were at work, even when they were on break.

A lack of willingness to be open with you about who he was working with on any given day.

A refusal to meet up with you on long lunch breaks.

All of these factors are relevant to your experience and letting your significant other know about them gives the both of you the opportunity to come up with a plan of action that helps to eliminate those concerns.

Again, a significant other who cares about you would want to ease any of your concerns.

You both agree that he is to communicate with you if possible when at work, especially on breaks.

He is to be open with you when talking to you about who he is working with.

He agrees to meeting up with you on long lunch breaks.

With all of this agreed to and on the table, you are in a much better position to avoid getting jealous.

This is also a trust-building exercise.

With time and consistency in behavior, you are actually not going to be anywhere near as worried as before.

You are able to breathe a lot easier and even find yourself no longer caring that he works with attractive people.

Now, if your jealousy comes from a place of inadequacy, believing you just aren’t good enough for any significant other, this is an issue of self-worth.

A healthy dose of self-worth in a relationship is necessary.

It has nothing to do with your significant other and everything to do with you.

Work on yourself in this department.

A good place to start is to challenge yourself in achieving something.

A personal, educational, professional or spiritual goal.

Put in the effort to accomplishing this goal.

A goal accomplished that required substantial effort is a massive confidence booster.

Not only do you feel better about yourself for having accomplished the task, people in your life commend you for your success.

A confidence boost like this leads to you taking on more challenges.

Soon, your life is so full of win, your confidence is off the charts.

Such confidence leaves no room for jealousy out of a feeling of inadequacy.

You wouldn’t even have the capacity to become jealous like you once did because your thought process would be a lot different from what it once was.

Where you would normally see an opportunity to become jealous, you see nothing but positivity.

A spirit of positivity is a very healthy byproduct of confidence.

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