Why Don’t I Like Men Who Are Good? Why Do I Like Mean Men?

Why Don't I Like Men Who Are Good? Why Do I Like Mean Men?

Mean men are more of a challenge.

They aren’t safe like most regular guys are who always try to say the right things or do the right things.

Mean men tend to play by their own rules.

They don’t conform to what is expected of most men in society.

They are not afraid to tell you what they think even if it may be something highly unpopular.

These kind of men make you more excited to get to know them because they are different.

A part of you may want to know where all that rage or angst is coming from.

What got this man to be this way?

What has happened in his life to make him so mean?

Did he have a rough childhood?

Has he not been shown what it is like to be loved in life?

These questions among others will begin to surface within your mind.

It may start slowly but it grows over time.

All of a sudden you are realizing that you can’t help but think about this mean man.

Even though you are getting the attention of good men all around you, you don’t really see them nor do you care.

They are not the ones keeping you up at night.

They are not the ones who are constantly in your thoughts on a day to day basis.

These good men are too safe.

They say the words that they know you want to hear.

They tell you about how amazing you are.

They are always trying to please you in some way just so that you notice them and give them some attention.

This mean guy on the other hand does nothing of the sort.

He barely even acknowledges you.

He doesn’t care if you smile at him or give him a nice compliment today.

He doesn’t care if you offer to help him with something.

In fact, he doesn’t need nor does he seemingly want your help.

He can do it all on his own.

However, you believe that you can help him.

You believe that you can show him a side to life that perhaps he has never experienced.

You just want him to give you the chance to help make his day brighter.

You know that you have the characteristics that most guys like.

The good guys often tell you about how smart and sweet you are.

However, why can’t this mean guy see what all these other good guys see?

Is he that blind?

Is he that ignorant?

This mean man continues to ignore you or even gives you nasty looks.

You notice that he tends to do this with people in general but somehow you take it more personally.

He shouldn’t be so mean to you because you are a nice person who only wants to make him smile and be happy.

So this mean man becomes what you focus on from day to day.

You want him to notice you.

You don’t care about the good guys that keep playing it safe around you.

You know that this mean man will tell you what he thinks whether you like it or not.

As much as that frightens you, that also excites you.

This is why you don’t like men who are good. This is why you like the mean men.

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