Do Men Regret Losing A Good Girl?

Do Men Regret Losing A Good Girl?

Men eventually do regret losing a good girl.

It may take a while, but they do.

That’s why men often come back.

They find it hard to process their feelings in the wake of a breakup.

But in time, they come to terms with it.

He realizes that he made a mistake in breaking up with a good girl and comes to regret losing her.

It plays out like this almost every time with the majority of men.

Regardless of his reasons for breaking up with a good girl, everything comes full circle.

Many-a-time, he breaks up with the good girl because he takes her for granted and believes that his relationship with her is too predictable and safe.

Some other girl he has his eye on is exciting him.

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He surmises that it is time to break away from his boring relationship with the good girl and seek out excitement in someone new.

Sure, at first, it’s fun.

He is going out on great dates with this new girl, traveling with her, and meeting her exciting friends.

The sex is electric.

Unfortunately, this gets to his head.

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The boring sex he was having with you, the good girl, has been replaced with the best sex of his life.

The dopamine in his brain takes over, and he thinks that he has made the right decision in breaking up with the good girl.

Alas, this thrill and excitement with the new girlfriend is about to take a turn for the worse.

She is wild and his energy is getting sapped.

He wants to settle down and not have to be constantly doing stuff to keep her excited and she isn’t happy about this.

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He longs for the days where he could just relax on a Friday night without having to go bar hopping.

His new girl always wants to go out on the town and party.

Sometimes, he just wants to chill.

To worsen the situation, he is worried that whenever she goes out on her own she is receiving a lot of attention from guys.

This exciting, bad girl, that he dumped you for is becoming more trouble than she is worth.

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He is hearing rumors from friends that she hooked up with some guy last night at a club while he was at work.

Inevitably, paranoia kicks in.

He is religiously checking her phone messages.

Sure enough she has been conducting conversations with her many guy friends, and several of them are clearly interested in her.

They keep telling her to come out to hang out.

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This knowledge adds to his weariness.

He checks her social media and she just posted a sexy photograph of herself in a bikini.

An army of male admirers are liking the post and sending her DMs.

This is an everyday occurrence with this new girl in his life.

She loves the attention from her male admirers.

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No matter how much she tells him that she has no romantic interest in the men who incessantly text her on her phone and on social media, he doesn’t believe it.

The evidence he is witnessing is contrary to her assertion.

Suddenly, he realizes that he hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in weeks.

His mind is constantly worried about what his thrill-seeking girlfriend is doing when he isn’t around.

This is around the time that he really starts regretting losing you, the good girl.

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Irrespective of how monotonous it got, he knew he could trust you and he never had sleepless nights.

He is filled with regret.

This is normally when you receive a text from him completely out of the blue asking about how you are.

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