What Does It Mean If A Guy Calls You A Good Girl?

He thinks you are a good girl who doesn’t get involved in crazy shenanigans, such as partying or breaking the law.

What Does It Mean If A Guy Calls You A Good Girl?He respects that about you.

There is a part of him that likes it that you are uncorrupted.

A person uncorrupted is a person he can trust and that is a good thing.

Apart from calling you a good girl, have you received compliments from this guy in reference to your looks?

Has he flirted with you on occasion?

Are there moments where he has made eye contact with you and sustained it for a while?

A guy that has demonstrated all of this finds you attractive.

He has a conundrum though.

There is a part of him that worries that you aren’t a girl who is inclined to thinking and functioning outside the box.

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In other words, you go about living your life by the book.

You aren’t open to any form of risk or anything that is outside of what is deemed to be the straight and narrow.

As much as he loves the fact that you are a good girl, which comes with trustworthy attributes, he fears that you won’t be open to stepping outside of your comfort zone on occasion.

You see, there are guys who are happy with the good girl.

She is trustworthy, an element of utmost importance to guys, especially guys who are looking for a serious relationship.

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On the flip side, there are guys who are all about the wild and crazy girl.

A wild and crazy girl is crazy fun, unpredictable and is normally not looking for anything serious either.

Then, there is this guy.

He is in the middle at this period of time in his life.

He wants the good girl because of her trustworthiness, but he also wants her to have a streak of rebelliousness.

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He wants her to have the good qualities that makes her a great candidate for a long-term relationship, but he wants her to have the nerve to be adventurous, stepping out of her comfort zone while doing so.

This guy is stuck in a conundrum where he finds you attractive but is worried that you aren’t capable of getting out of your comfort zone.

He doesn’t want you to lose the qualities that make you such a good girl, but he wants added spice, that slightly rebellious streak that is open to taking a few risks.

That is where he is at in his life right now.

He ultimately craves a good partner that is trustworthy, but he still believes that he is discovering himself.

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In discovering himself, he is taking chances with what he does in life.

He isn’t playing it safe at every turn.

He is trying new endeavors in his life that are outside of his comfort zone.

He wants a girl who is open to going on that journey with him, while maintaining the attributes that make her a great candidate for a long-term relationship.

At this moment, he is about his journey of self-discovery, not so much about establishing a long-term relationship.

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He is open to that in the foreseeable future, but not right now.

Being that he gets the impression that you aren’t the type to go out on a limb and do a few activities that are outside of your comfort zone, he regrets that you are not quite right for him at this time.

It makes him sad because he does love the good girl side of you.

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