My Ex Got A New Girlfriend?

My Ex Got A New Girlfriend?

Feelings persist.

You haven’t moved on from your ex.

Somewhere within you, you hoped for a reconciliation.

Learning that your ex has a new girlfriend felt like a dagger through your heart.

Those hopes that you bore, fantasizing about the day you would reunite, have been dashed.

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Reeling, you have no idea what to do next.

An abundance of your mental energy has been so intent on reuniting with your ex, you never considered much of a future without him.

As it stands today, you have to consider a future without him and you don’t know what direction to take.

You aren’t alone in feeling lost after an ex moves on to a new girlfriend.

The feelings you bear for him persist and finding a path towards a life without him is a hard sell.

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It doesn’t matter that you have not considered a path without him.

The pressing imperative is that you have to do it, as there is no other alternative.

Don’t sit around hoping that things don’t work out between him and his new girlfriend.

Exes fall into this trap. They sit around waiting, hoping that their ex doesn’t find happiness with that new girlfriend or boyfriend, and instead, comes back to them.

This isn’t the right path for you.

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Your ex is an ex for a reason.

When we are filled with a desire for an ex, our minds conveniently forget why that person is our ex in the first place.

We yearn for them so much emotionally, we are blinded by that desire.

You forget that this ex was a cheat or showed little affection to you as the relationship progressed.

You were the one working hard to make them happy, while your own emotional and physiological needs weren’t being met.

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The lies from your ex were so prevalent you didn’t know what to believe.

At times, you felt like you were dating yourself, as your ex would cancel on dates or put little effort into going out on dates with you.

When we miss an ex, we forget why that person is an ex.

Our common sense is replaced with a desire to be with that person and have our emotional and physiological needs met.

This is how you are blinded from the truth.

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This is where people make the ill-advised mistake of hanging around, hoping that things don’t work out between their ex and the new girlfriend.

In situations where things didn’t work out and the ex comes back, there is elation.

That elation is short-lived.

After a short time of bliss, with phenomenal sex and great company, the relationship transitions back to what it was before it ended the last time.

The same problematic issues rise to the surface.

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Soon, the cheating is reintroduced.

The broken dates come back.

The lack of affection is a regular occurrence.

The lies abound.

On and on.

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Although you are saddened by your ex getting a new girlfriend, don’t be.

You have finally been given permission to move on with your life.

Do it.

Rediscover who you are so that the next person that enters your life treats you how you deserve to be treated and never wants to let you go.


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