My Boyfriend Broke It Off With Me But Wants To Be Close Friends?

My Boyfriend Broke It Off With Me But Wants To Be Close Friends?

He is at a place where he believes he is better off being a close friend to you than a boyfriend.

Though he believes this, you aren’t obligated to be at the same place emotionally.

He broke it off with you, but you don’t know how long he has been planning to do so or considering it.

It could have been months ago.

That amount of time gave him the opportunity to prepare himself for the breakup that he was considering instigating.

You didn’t have that luxury.

He was prepared to break it off with you, you weren’t.

You are hurt right now.

You didn’t want your relationship with him to end.

This calls for a period of time away to process your emotions.

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Time he never afforded you in breaking up with you so suddenly.

This is why you have to think very carefully about your next step.

Again, your boyfriend has had time to emotionally prepare to break up with you and you haven’t had that luxury.

It’s okay for you to be emotionally rocked, given how much you care about him.

In this emotional state, you must avoid making any rash or quick decisions.

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Taking into account that you still care about your now ex-boyfriend, many girls in your position typically accept his offer to be close friends.

But this isn’t the true intent.

Remember, you are still rocked by your emotions and the shock of this breakup. Naturally, given those emotions, your mind and body wouldn’t want to disconnect from a guy you love.

In telling you that he wants to be close friends, you would see that as an olive branch to the probability of more in the future.

That is how an emotionally wrecked mind grapples with a breakup.

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You then accept his offer to be close friends based on your innate hope that the both of you ultimately get back together again as a couple in the foreseeable future.

This is where you fall into perilous territory and why you mustn’t come to a decision on whether to be his close friend so quickly.

Give yourself a few days or weeks to temper your emotions and settle them down.

Once your emotions have tempered, your mind gets clearer.

This allows you to make a decision on whether you genuinely want to accept his offer to be a close friend.

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Without a bunch of emotions getting in the way, you can prognosticate on what a close friendship with your boyfriend would be like.

It has to be bereft of any hope that the two of you get back together.

Can you see yourself being a platonic friend to your now ex-boyfriend?

Do you have what it takes to only look at him as a friend you talk to without any romantic aspirations?

It’s very hard for people to separate the two, but not impossible.

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This is why you need to take the time to figure this out.

There is no hurry.

It might be best to temporarily stop talking to him during this time, so that you aren’t influenced by him nor pressured.

Once your mind is fairly clear and your emotions are tempered, you have a better understanding of whether you should accept his offer or not.

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