We Don’t Live In The Same City But Hooked Up After Talking For A Bit. Now What?

We Don't Live In The Same City But Hooked Up After Talking For A Bit. Now What?

Establish both your intentions.

Before this goes any further, you both need to determine what relationship is desired or not.

Long distance relationships sneak up on some people.

Starting with a hookup here and there in each other’s cities and transitioning into something deeper.

Emotions set in.

Feelings take center stage.

Now what?

You are both living in different cities.

A long distance relationship has sprung from right under your nose.

Must be very careful.

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At this point, you’ve only hooked up once or a few times, with some text messaging in-between.

Emotions and strong feelings are yet to take hold of your psyche.

Talking about what you are both looking for is a must, lest you end up stuck in a long distance relationship that has taken you by surprise.

Don’t let the high you are experiencing take over your reason.

A long distance relationship is a huge challenge.

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Are you ready for that?

Have you ever been in a long distance relationship?

Experience in long distance relationships help.

Meaning, you are not ignorant to the challenges that come with it.

A lack of experience in long distance relationships means you need to think twice before moving this any further.

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Any desires to pursue this requires that you do some research into long distance dating first.

Talk to people who have either had long distance relationships or are in one and ask them about their experience.

Read up on long distance relationships, its nuances, and how often these relationships succeed.

Think back on your own life when you have had a partner who had to leave on a trip for a period of time and how you handled it.

Did you miss the partner profusely to the point where you had to chat with them on the phone or online constantly just to remain connected?

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Understanding how you handle time away from a partner is very relevant.

Not everyone handles time away from a romantic partner well.

Having a rough time of it when a partner only left for a week or so, imagine how you would feel with a partner who actually lives in another city?

Don’t allow your excitement for this person to cloud your ability to look at and examine the facts.

Many long distance relationships have failed when both parties allowed their initial attraction and excitement about each other to usurp their reasoning.

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Not to say that all long distance relationships crater, but you need to fully understand their challenges.

Even if you both decide to take this on, what about his history and temperament?

Just like you, a lack of experience in long distance relationships means he comes into this blind.

Ignorance leads to unpreparedness which leads to failure.

A mutual agreement to pursue a long distance relationship requires the both of you to be fully aware of the challenges.

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He should do his own research into long distance relationships and ask around.

Only when you both are fully aware of the challenges should you truly consider doing it.

At which point, you both need to come to an agreement on when you are both going to reside in the same city.

Set a date for it.

This makes the reality of actually getting to live in the same city a lot more tangible.

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It sets a date you both start working toward.

During the process, you both keep each other accountable so that each party knows that the work to one day live in the same city is always a part of what you both do each day.

This is how you make a long distance relationship work.

Be well-educated in its challenges and effects, and have an end date set.

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