How Can You Go From A Hookup To A Relationship?

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How Can You Go From A Hookup To A Relationship?

Building rapport with this person lays the foundation, putting you on the path that travels from a hookup to a relationship.

Get to know them on a deeper basis.

This requires that you sacrifice some time.

Participate in activities with them that you don’t particularly enjoy.

Such is the process of building rapport.

Without investing your time in doing this, you aren’t getting to a relationship.

Take a real interest in their interests.

When you talk to them, raise your sense of curiosity and excitement.

They hear it in your tone of voice.

When they hear how excited you get when they talk about something that they love, it makes them feel like you care.

That gives them a sense of kinship with you.

This is where the rapport building flourishes, increasing the level of comfort and trust.

Be cognizant in remembering details about what they spoke to you about in previous conversations.

A forgetfulness about what was discussed, leads them into thinking you are disinterested and selfish.

A discussion around a topic which bored you to death deserves remembering.

These are topics that matter to this person and your desire to get this person to trust you requires they feel you are paying attention.

As time goes on, they feel a sense of ease with you.

They become more and more comfortable opening themselves up to you.

They talk to you about their past, present and what they hope for in the future.

At this point, you have crossed that threshold and are in relationship territory.

This is the territory that you want to be but you have to take things slow from here.

Avoid assuming that you are now entirely in relationship territory and making the mistake of putting a label on the relationship, until the both of you have reached a place of real comfort and awareness.

Being too impatient at this stage by putting a label on the relationship runs the risk of scaring them off.

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