On A Dinner Or Coffee Date, Is It Better To Face Each Other While Sitting Or Sit Next To Each Other?

On A Dinner Or Coffee Date, Is It Better To Face Each Other While Sitting Or Sit Next To Each Other?

Sitting next to each other on a dinner or coffee date is better.

Body proximity is a good way of knowing what the body chemistry of both parties is like.

Yes, initially, it could feel a little uncomfortable, being that this is still in the early stages of dating for the both of you, but it gets better.

Obviously, you shouldn’t be sitting so close beside each other that there is no respectable space.

As long as there is respectable space, you are both going to have some breathing room.

If the date doesn’t go well, that space normally remains.

If the date goes well, that space normally closes.

At this point, the comfort level between you is very evident and your bodies just naturally get closer as the dinner or coffee date progresses.

The problem with sitting across from each other is that it does create a barrier.

Sure, at first, it feels comfortable because you are both still in the early stages of dating, but if the both of you hit it off, it becomes really challenging to express that level of comfort with your bodies.

There are face to face romantic body language cues you can look to but none of those are as effective as when the proximity between you is closer.

Sustained eye contact while facing each other on a dinner or coffee date is good but it is a lot more impactful when it is being done as you are sitting next to each other.

This type of proximity makes that level of sustained eye contact that much more visceral.

The same applies to leaning into each other.

When two parties are connecting romantically on a dinner or coffee date, they normally lean into or towards each other.

This is an unconscious attempt to get closer.

When there is something in the way, in this case, a table of some sort, it creates a boundary.

There is only so far you are both able to lean in before the table starts smashing into your lungs.

We don’t want nor need a trip to the emergency room as a result of the both of you trying to get closer to each other.

Sitting next to each other makes this so much easier.

The physical barrier isn’t there.

Leaning into each other in this instance means that you are both able to truly enjoy this level of closeness without feeling like something is physically preventing you from it.

When you face each other, it is so much easier to allow nerves to make you appear to be distracted.

You are able to look behind your date and all around in your attempt to avoid awkward or sustained eye contact.

You could even be talking to your date and yet, avoid making eye contact by looking elsewhere simply because of the vantage point of being across from your date.

Your date often feeds off your energy.

If they notice you being distracted by what’s going on around them or talking to them while avoiding eye contact, they do the same.

This sucks all the energy out of the date and kills it.

When you sit next to each other, it is a lot harder to just keep talking without looking at your date.

The proximity almost forces you to look them in the eye.

This makes for a much better experience, allowing the both of you to be focused on each other without distractions.

Whether you both hit it off on the dinner or coffee date or not, sitting next to each other makes it easy for the both of you to feel a lot less awkward as the date progresses.

With no romantic connection, even when sitting next to each other, you are still able to maintain a respectable distance so that neither party feels awkward or uncomfortable.

With a romantic connection, the proximity makes it that much easier for the both of you to express yourselves without anything physically getting in the way, which means you both get to experience just how much chemistry you have.

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