Dating New Guy And Really Liking Him But Unsure About Chemistry. Is It Something That Can Develop With Time?

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Dating New Guy And Really Liking Him But Unsure About Chemistry. Is It Something That Can Develop With Time?

Yes, chemistry with this new guy that you are dating is something that can develop with time.

Chemistry doesn’t always happen the moment you meet someone.

Sometimes it takes a little longer for the chemistry to develop.

You may have to get to know each other better first.

You just need to ensure that you keep yourself open and not allow yourself to become anxious.

If you allow yourself to start worrying about the lack of chemistry at the moment, you may jeopardize the entire dating process.

You may make it a lot harder for chemistry to actually develop when your thoughts are constantly wondering about it.

You become anxious and you start questioning your feelings.

Clearly, there is a reason why you are dating this new guy in the first place.

There is something about him that really grabs your attention.

Just focus on those qualities for now so that you don’t allow negativity to creep into the dating process.

If you allow the process of dating this new guy to unfold naturally, you may reach a point where you are really comfortable around each other.

This usually happens because you are learning more about each other.

As you learn more about each other, it’s easier to find elements or qualities to relate to.

This is where chemistry can start developing.

You begin to find more and more in common with each other.

You start telling each other similar stories about a similar event that occurred in your lives.

You start relating to each other’s stories.

You discover new likes that you both have.

It could be a love of the ocean or of a particular kind of food.

The more similarities you have, the more your level of comfort around each other grows.

As your comfort level grows, your chemistry develops.

You may not even notice it at first.

However, you should observe your body language.

You may begin to touch each other from time to time inadvertently.

You may begin to give each other sustained eye contact accompanied with wide smiles.

These are the moments where your chemistry is flowing and evident.

You may even start finishing each other’s sentences or immediately completing what the other was about to say because you knew where they were coming from.

This is huge. It’s a very strong sign of chemistry.

You can even observe your level of excitement when you know you are about to talk to them or meet them.

Your heart-rate increases, you check yourself out in the mirror a lot more than you typically do, you count the hours or days until you get to see them again.

All of these are very evident signs that chemistry has developed.

This is when you know that your patience has paid off and chemistry has developed with time.

You should let this process occur in a natural way.

People often make the mistake of forcing the emotion because they want so badly to have chemistry with this person.

They find a way to tell themselves that they must be feeling chemistry because they so happen to feel really good that day.

This is false and is only going to waste your time.

Don’t force the emotion or the chemistry.

If it is truly there, it will show in time.

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