Am I Expecting Too Much From This Guy?

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Am I Expecting Too Much From This Guy?

This may depend on how much effort you have both been putting into this, as well as the weight of expectations that you may have of him, that may or may not be premature.

If you are wondering about whether you are expecting too much from this guy, it may be because it feels as though you are the one who is putting out the majority of the effort in this interaction.

Perhaps you are the one who tends to plan out the dates.

Perhaps you are the one who tends to initiate contact the most.

Perhaps you are the one who tends to ask deeper and more meaningful questions of him in your attempt to get to know him better as a person.

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Perhaps you are the one who tends to be more open and expressive with your feelings.

Again, if you feel as though you are the one who is putting out the majority of the effort in trying to make this interaction work, this may be why you are wondering about whether you are expecting too much from this guy.

Hence, it is important to assess what you have been doing so far.

If you have been putting out the majority of the effort, it may be time for you to slow things down.

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Give him an opportunity to put out more effort.

Let him start planning out some dates.

Let him start initiating more conversations.

If you give him this opportunity and he take it, you may be dealing with a guy who is more intent on having a casual relationship with you than a serious one.

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If you have only been talking to this guy for a short while, you should also make sure that you don’t get ahead of yourself.

This is the mistake that people often make when they first start interacting or talking to someone that they really like.

They may get so caught up in how well they connect with the person that they begin to prematurely believe that they are already in a relationship with the person.

They begin to start acting in ways that come off as though they are already exclusive with the person.

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By thinking and acting in this way, they start having expectations of the guy that they are dating.

They expect him to act a certain way in order to make them feel as though they are in a relationship with him or are on the way to being in one.

This could put undue pressure on this interaction way too early.

As a result, the girl may find herself constantly pushing to move the interaction in the direction that she wants it to go.

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She becomes so caught up in this desire that she doesn’t realize that she is being too presumptuous and overbearing.

You should never allow yourself to force an interaction towards a relationship too prematurely simply because you are so excited about the guy.

If it is still early in your interaction with this guy, again, try to slow things down.

Let the interaction move at a natural pace.

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The best types of romantic relationships come out of a steady pace in the getting-to-know-you stage.

Take your time to allow the both of you to get to know each other better.

This bodes well for both you and him.

It allows you to actually come to a real understanding of the kind of guy that you are dealing with and whether he would be suitable for a long-term serious relationship.

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It also gives him an opportunity to learn the same about you.

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