Does It Seem Like We’re More Than Friends Or Are These Feelings One-Sided?

Does It Seem Like We're More Than Friends Or Are These Feelings One-Sided?

If you are more than friends, he would try to find ways to let you see that.

He may flirt with you a lot more than he would with other girls.

He may communicate with you a lot.

His conversations with you would also be quite detailed in nature.

He may ask you more detailed questions about yourself and try to relate to what you say by retelling his own similar experiences.

When he likes you more than a friend you may even notice that he gets upset when you talk about other guys around him.

He may say uncomplimentary things about those guys in response to what you are saying about them or he may just want to change the topic.

This is a guy who doesn’t want you to be thinking or focusing on other guys as romantic interests.

This would normally indicate that he does have romantic feelings towards you.

A guy who sees you as more than a friend would also wonder what you are sharing with other people on social media.

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You may notice that he is always on your social media pages watching what you are doing.

You may even notice him liking a whole bunch of your pictures on a consistent basis.

He is becoming fixated on you at this point and feels that he has to take some kind of action to show it.

He may not even be fully aware that he is liking so many of your social media pictures on a regular basis because he just gets so caught up in what he is doing.

Although your other male friends may also like your pictures on social media, this guy overdoes it.

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He likes so many of them and on such a consistent basis.

He may even like pictures that are so bland.

The kind of pictures that most of your followers or friends wouldn’t go out of their way to like.

Again, this is when he is showing that he is so consumed with how he is feeling for you that everything that you put up is amazing in his eyes.

Another way that this guy shows you that he likes you more than a friend is when he starts already acting as though the both of you are in a romantic relationship.

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You may notice him taking your hand often when you are both out and about or you may notice that he stays very close to you when you are both out in public or among friends.

In other words, he has a certain level of protectiveness over you.

Your feelings may be one-sided when you notice that his behavior is sporadic in nature.

He may flirt with you from time to time but he isn’t consistent with his behavior.

He may communicate consistently for some time but then he disappears without warning for longer periods of time.

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He may even give you compliments from time to time but then he never backs them up with asking you out.

In other words, he gives you these moments where it really feels like he likes you more than a friend but then he follows those moments up with either inaction or he just disappears on you for a while.

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