Why Can’t I Keep A Guy?

Why Can't I Keep A Guy?

It may be because you become too overzealous with the guy.

You start thinking about how a life with this guy would be.

You become so caught up in the images that you are seeing in your mind that you become attached to them.

It becomes harder and harder to keep the guy when he realizes that you are beginning to move the relationship towards a direction that he isn’t ready to move it to or that feels unnatural.

If you have repeatedly found yourself unable to keep a guy, it may because of this.

You may become so excited about how you want the relationship to go, that you start pushing the relationship towards that direction.

You may not even be aware that you do this.

It often starts innocently enough.

You may start spending more time with him even when you know that you shouldn’t keep ignoring your friends and hobbies.

That may then lead to you beginning to feel as though you should be with him as often as possible because the both of you get along so well.

He may seem fine with this at first because you are still being fun and cheery.

However, you may get to certain moments where you feel left out and all of a sudden, your mood becomes more sullen.

He notices this and tries to cheer you up.

You perk up and everything gets back to normal.

However, the more time you spend with him, the more claim to his time that you feel you deserve.

Again, there may be a situation where you feel left out and you pout once more.

He tries to cheer you up again.

However, more and more of these moments keep happening as time progresses and he is constantly finding himself either having to explain himself to you or cheer you up because you felt left out about something.

This is how a guy will build resentment towards a girl.

It will not be long before he feels so stifled by her that he decides to start ignoring her.

This will often lead to even more resentment from you.

However, now, he just doesn’t care all that much.

After all, he has tried his best to make you feel involved in his life.

But, being that you are so overeager to move this relationship in the direction that you have romanticized in your mind, you have taken things too far.

Inevitably, he leaves you.

This may be the kind of cycle that you have experienced when it comes to your relationships with guys.

You can’t keep them because you start forcing the relationship toward a direction that you want it to go instead of letting the relationship lead wherever it will lead naturally.

If this is how you have been with guys in your past relationships, learn how to take a breath.

Avoid becoming overzealous by making sure you maintain your individuality.

Doing this requires that you keep actively engaging in your hobbies and socializing with your friends.

When your life isn’t entirely wrapped around a guy, it allows you to avoid the pitfalls of being too overbearing.

Letting a relationship evolve naturally is often what will help you keep a guy.

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