What Does It Mean When A Guy Says He Thinks About You A Lot?

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What Does It Mean When A Guy Says He Thinks About You A Lot?He may have been trying to gauge your response to him saying that he thinks about you a lot.

He may not quite know how you feel about him.

By telling you that he thinks about you a lot, he may have wanted to hear what you would say or watch how you would physically react to that.

This may be how he figures out where you stand as far as the possibility of romance is concerned.

Hence, there is a good chance that he has an interest in you.

However, he may not want to be too forthright with how he feels about you until he gets a good sense of how you feel about him.

In telling you that he thinks about you a lot, this guy may have been looking for clues as to what you are feeling or thinking about him.

His past interactions with you may not have given him any clear understanding of how you feel about him.

He may have tried to drop a few hints of romantic interest in the past that you didn’t respond to.

He may have now reached a point where he just wants to get a better understanding of where you stand as far as romantic interest in him is concerned.

Indeed, he may be interested in you romantically.

However, he may not be willing to make a definitive move in asking you out unless he is certain that you are also romantically interested in him.

Another reason why a guy would say that he thinks about you a lot is when he is trying to actually get you to like him.

He may be a guy who thinks that you may be susceptible to liking him romantically and he wants to see whether he can get you to the point where you actually do.

Part of the trick to get you to this point is to make you start wondering whether he actually likes you.

However, a guy like this may not necessarily be looking to date you.

This is especially true if you know that this guy has a reputation for being a player or tends to talk to a lot of girls.

Oftentimes, a guy like this will want to keep a girl on the hook.

He knows that saying that he thinks about the girl could make her take pause and wonder if the guy likes her.

This often creates the effect of making the girl actually think about the guy more.

So, if this was a girl who probably didn’t quite know whether she liked the guy or not, she may put herself on the path of actually liking the guy without even realizing it.

The more she thinks about why he said that he thinks about her a lot, the more she is actually thinking about him.

The more she is thinking about him, the more he preoccupies her thoughts to the point where she may not be able to think about anyone else but him.

Once he has you in this position, he has the upper hand.

A guy using this tactic to get a girl to like him will often prefer continuing to play with her as opposed to actually taking steps to date her.

Keeping her in this position tends to be an ego boost for him.

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