Why Do I Go Back And Forth Between Being Friends With Him And Then Trying To Date Him?

Why Do I Go Back And Forth Between Being Friends With Him And Then Trying To Date Him?

He may be giving you mixed signals.

On the one hand, he may act as though he is a friend.

However, on other occasions, he may become a lot more flirty with you and even become a little needy for your attention.

This may be why you keep going back and forth between being friends with him and then trying to date him.

His feelings for you may be unclear to him.

There are moments where he may feel like the both of you are better off as just friends.

But, there are also moments where he may start liking you in a romantic sense.

He may be bouncing back and forth between those emotions.

You may also have unclear feelings for him.

On the one hand, you may feel that you are capable of just being his friend.

But whenever he starts acting as though he has more romantic feelings towards you, you start experiencing those feelings as well.

There is a good chance that you are attracted to this guy.

There is also a good chance that you would be open to pursuing a romantic relationship with him.

If you weren’t attracted to this guy at all, there is a good chance that you wouldn’t ever think about dating him.

He would be strictly a platonic friend.

In fact, if you weren’t attracted to him, you would most likely recoil whenever he makes romantic overtures at you or you would try to avoid them at all costs.

In essence, you wouldn’t entertain it to the point where you are thinking about trying to date him.

So, it is important that you ask yourself an honest question about how you truly feel about this guy.

You need to be really clear about this before moving any further with your interaction with this guy.

You need to discern whether all you want with this guy is a friendship or whether what you truly want is romance.

If you aren’t clear about these two, you could end up staying in this back and forth loop for a while.

This can complicate your life unnecessarily.

Ask yourself about what kind of relationship that you would much rather have with him.

A friendship or a romance.

If you would much rather have a romantic relationship with him, you should let him know how you feel.

The same goes for if you would much rather have a friendship.

This may seem intimidating. However, it really does help you in the long run.

This allows the both of you to be honest with each other and end this back and forth loop of mixed signals.

It also puts him in a position where he now knows that he also has to come to terms with what he is feeling for you.

Perhaps, this is what he has been waiting for from you.

He may have been hoping for a clearer signal of romantic interest from you all this time.

Perhaps this is why he has been so confusing in his behavior.

Regardless of whether he tells you that he likes you romantically as well or that he would much rather have a friendship with you, you will both be able to put this issue to rest.

This gives you both an opportunity to define this relationship without any further complications and keep it that way.


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