Did He Mean I Could Be The One For Him In Terms Of A Relationship?

He meant that he wants to take some time with you, and get to know you better, before he makes any definitive decisions on what he thinks you are to him.

Did He Mean I Could Be The One For Him In Terms Of A Relationship?In other words, he doesn’t want to make a decision on what he thinks you are to him prematurely.

He does this because he is unsure about what you are to him.

There have been moments between you where he was taken, lost in his momentary feelings and caught up on not wanting to see you with anyone else besides him.

Simultaneously, there have been moments where he has felt a rift with you, or a form of disconnection that didn’t agree with him emotionally.

It is due to a viewpoint you shared with him, or specific vibes he gets from you from time to time.

Due to these moments, he gets unsure about how he feels about you, and the viability of pursuing a relationship with you.

Basically, those moments have raised questions in his mind.

They have caused doubt.

On the one hand, when you are sharing special moments together, he sees you as the one for him, but then, he remembers occasions where you made him uneasy, and he instantly changes his mind.

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With this knowledge, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to talk to him about these uneasy moments, or whether he does have these moments.

These moments are clearly holding him back.

When there is already such great chemistry between you, he shouldn’t be unsure about whether you are the one for him, unless there is a major factor that is holding him back.

You don’t know what these issues are, given that, as far as you are concerned, everything seems fine when you are together.

Nonetheless, guys are known for not being the best communicators.

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It is probable that he has had uncomfortable moments with you that he never told you about.

Unfortunately, guys find it hard to express what they are feeling.

To this end, he would rather keep these feelings inside without expressing them.

He either chooses to ignore addressing it entirely, or tells himself that he will address it with you at a later date, but never does.

This is why it is critical that you open up a channel of communication with him.

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Be unequivocal in telling him that you want him to be candid with you as far as what he doesn’t like about your personality.

This makes it clear that you won’t judge him, and that all you want to do is discern whether there is a path to developing mutual comfort with each other.

In making him aware that you are open to criticism, you have planted the seed in his head.

A seed that gives him license to express himself to you.

In time, he opens up to you about his grievances.

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At this point, if you believe that he is making a fair point about his criticism, and you are keen on correcting that behavior, you are now on a path that lets him know whether you are the one for him, without any doubts.

This being said, this is a two-way street.

If there are issues with him that give you pause, let him know about them too.

For a relationship to grow, either party has to be on the same page.

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