Did He Mean I Could Be The One For Him?

Did He Mean I Could Be The One For Him?

He may have meant that he just wants to take some time with you and get to know you better before he makes any definitive decisions on what he thinks you are to him.

In other words, he doesn’t want to make a decision on what he thinks you are to him prematurely.

He would typically do this because he is unsure as well, in his own mind, about what you are to him.

There have been moments between the both of you where he may have truly felt taken and wonderful to the point where he couldn’t imagine being with anyone else.

However, there may have also been other moments where he has felt a rift with you or some form of disconnection that didn’t agree with him emotionally.

It may be due to a certain way you view a particular subject or just certain vibes he may get from you from time to time.

Due to these moments, he gets unsure about how he really feels about you and the viability of pursuing a relationship with you.

In other words, those moments have raised questions in his mind.

They have caused doubt.

Hence, on the one hand, when you are both sharing really special moments, he may see you as the one for him, but then he remembers other occasions where you made him uneasy and he instantly changes his mind.

With this in mind, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to talk to him about these uneasy moments or whether he does have these moments.

There is clearly something that is holding him back.

If you both have such great chemistry and understand each other so well and yet he isn’t sure if you could be the one for him, he is clearly worried about something.

You may not know what these issues are because as far as you are concerned, everything seems fine when you are both together.

However, you have to understand that oftentimes a guy gets into uncomfortable situations with a girl that he likes but still avoids telling the girl about it.

It’s typically because a lot of guys find it hard to express what they are feeling.

They would rather keep all of that inside themselves in the hopes that they could address it at a later date or they may just ignore it entirely.

This is why it is important that you open up that channel of communication with him.

Let him understand that you are absolutely okay with him letting you know about certain facets of your personality that don’t agree with him.

You should let him know that you won’t judge him and that all you want to do is try to see if there is a way for the both of you to be as comfortable with each other as possible.

The more you make him feel like he can truly open up to you, the more likely he will do so in time.

It may take a few attempts to eventually get him to open up about his grievances.

At that point, if it is something that you feel is a fair point and that you can work on, you can start that process and your relationship with him may eventually get to the point where he is willing to wholeheartedly call you the one for him.

Also understand that this is a two way street.

If there are issues with him that give you pause, you should let him know about them as well.

The more the both of you are on the same page, the more likely your relationship will grow.

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