Does He Seem Remotely Interested In Me?

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Does He Seem Remotely Interested In Me?When you wonder if he is remotely interested in you, chances are that he isn’t.

It is normal to wonder if he is when you can’t help but think about him through the day.

You feel like there is some kind of connection and yet he is not remotely giving you the type of emotional feedback that you need.

In situations like this, it is unlikely that he is remotely interested because he is not putting out the kind of effort you are.

Guys can be shy, sure.

They may hide their feelings because they are too worried about how they would come off if they expressed them.

They may be very unsure of themselves in general and it can be quite easy to tell this.

However, they do show some clear signs of interest.

You just have to really be observant and pay attention to some of their subtle signs.

For example, a shy guy will look in your direction but look away the moment you look back at them.

They will find it hard to move when you are in their presence, almost as though they are frozen in place.

If they can muster the courage to talk to you, they may stammer.

In your case, there is nothing like that.

Perhaps you have shown him affection and he has reciprocated from time to time but nothing much has come out of it.

Perhaps you two have even shared a kiss.

But again, it didn’t go much further than that.

You should understand that there are instances when a guy will play around with a girl but really have no intention of going any further than the occasional flirting or kiss.

This is where he may feel the most comfortable.

You know a guy isn’t remotely interested when he barely calls or texts you.

If he does, the conversations don’t last for long and he never asks you out on a date.

You know a guy isn’t remotely interested in you when he forgets details about the conversation you had just the other day and you notice a general absentmindedness.

All these signals are clear and absolute.

They indicate a lack of genuine interest.

It’s crucial to understand these signals so that you don’t allow yourself to get carried away with what you are hoping for.

You hope for interest so much that you may not allow yourself to truly accept the reality that there may truly be no interest there whatsoever.

That would hamper your life romantically and even in general.

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