Will He Ever Love Me?

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Will He Ever Love Me?He might come to love you at some point.

People don’t always fall in love with each other at the same time.

If you haven’t been dating this guy for long and you already know that you love him, he may get to that point as well.

Love isn’t something that you can force.

It really shouldn’t be.

You should always allow love to occur naturally.

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You may be wondering if he will ever love you because you already know that you love him and you want so badly for the feeling to be returned.

You must make sure that you don’t allow that desire to overwhelm you.

If you allow it to become the focal point of your thoughts, you could end up trying to influence your relationship with him in an unhealthy way.

You may find yourself constantly trying to overdo your affection for him just so that he sees how much you love him.

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You do this in the hopes that he will fall in love with you sooner.

This wouldn’t be wise.

If you start doing too much in the relationship just so that you can win his love, the relationship would become lopsided.

You would no longer be in a balanced relationship.

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For a relationship to work in a healthy way, it needs to be balanced.

Affection coming from both parties should be relatively even.

The effort coming from both parties should be relatively even.

When one person decides to overdo it with affection and their effort, it can put the other person in a position where they feel that they can get lazy.

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They may allow you to start doing all the work when it comes to the relationship.

They allow you to set the dates.

They allow you to do all the work when it comes to planning for a particular trip that the both of you may want to go on.

They allow you to do all the work in bed.

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It goes on and on.

When you put yourself in the position where you are putting in all the work on a relationship just because you want the guy to love you, you run the risk of actually jeopardizing this desire.

If you are letting him do next to nothing in the relationship, he will not feel invested in it.

If he doesn’t feel invested, it will be that much harder for him to become emotionally attached to you.

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When someone isn’t putting the right amount of effort into something, they will often not develop any sense of responsibility for it.

If you don’t allow there to be balance in your relationship, he will not feel any sense of responsibility for it.

He will leave all the responsibility to you.

You would run the risk of only getting him to take you for granted as opposed to love you.

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Try not to keep worrying about whether he will ever love you.

As long as this is still a relatively new relationship that has perhaps only lasted a few weeks or months, there is still time.

You should simply make sure that you both put in the same amount of effort in making the relationship work.

In time, he may tell you that he loves you at the most unexpected moment.

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