What Is The Best Way To Figure Out A Guy’s Feelings For You?

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What Is The Best Way To Figure Out A Guy's Feelings For You?

A guy who has feelings for you will typically try to get your attention or give you compliments.

He may try to get your attention through becoming louder or more animated in what he is doing.

He may also try to get your attention by showing off.

He does this by talking about his accomplishments or challenging someone to some kind of competition.

It could be a physical competition that may involve sports or it could also be knowledge based.

Either way, he is going to try to catch your attention and impress you in some way.

Now, if this is a guy you know well or you are acquainted with, he may try to show you he has feelings for you by making time for you.

He would have no problem putting off time with friends and even family just so that he can have time for you.

There may be moments he drops subtle hints by asking you what you are doing later in the day or over the weekend.

You will notice that he always seems to be available when you need him or you’re bored.

He always seems to be willing to listen to you as well.

A guy who has feelings for you will often listen to what you have to say.

His intent is to pay attention to what you have to say so that he can lend his support or add to the conversation where needed.

He wants to learn more about you.

So he listens.

You will also notice that he will remember important details about conversations that you have had with him in the past.

He will suddenly bring it up in discussion to show you that he was listening and interested in what you had to say.

This is the opposite of what a guy who doesn’t have feelings for you would do.

A guy who has feelings will remember those little details and may even want you to expand on them in future conversations.

This is because he has invested his interest and priorities in you.

You will also notice that a guy who has feelings for you will often try to lift your spirits.

If he notices that you are in a particularly bad mood, he will try to cheer you up.

He may crack a joke or make funny faces just to make you laugh.

He may become very self deprecating just to make you feel better about yourself.

He is happy when you are happy.

If you are in a poor mood or sad, he may make it his mission to ensure that he puts a smile on your face.

This requires a strong degree of effort and persistence.

He wouldn’t be able to do this if he didn’t have some feelings for you.

Why would he bother?

Also, a guy who has feelings for you will want you to meet people who are important in his life.

He would want to share you with his social circle.

He would want them to see just how special of a person you are to him.

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