What Do Guys Like To Talk About With A Girl?

What Do Guys Like To Talk About With A Girl?

Guys like to talk about themselves when engaged in conversation with someone.

No, seriously.

Most people love talking about themselves and guys are no different.

So, a good way to have a fun conversation with a guy is to get him to talk about himself.

You could easily ask him a question about a favorite pastime or what he tends to do on the weekends.

This enables him to really open up about himself in a number of ways.

What you have done here is really open up the conversation with this guy.

If he is truly interested in you, he will reach the point where he will throw the question back at you.

Now you have a real conversation going back and forth.

It feels natural.

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It feels like you are really getting to know him better and he is also getting to know you better.

There is a sense of connection and mutual interest.

Something else that guys like to talk about with a girl are things that she may not typically talk about with other girls.

He may want to know your opinion about something that has to do with a topic that you normally wouldn’t talk about with your girl friends or in general.

Perhaps he loves to talk about sports or video games.

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He may not know if you would be okay with talking about stuff like that.

However, if you show him that you are actually interested in talking about that stuff and even better, demonstrate that you have some knowledge in it, he would probably want to talk to you all day.

Think about it for a second.

What kind of topics do you never talk about with your friends?

Sports, video games, cars, gadgets, politics, technology, etc.

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There is a good chance that he is interested in one or all of these topics.

If you can talk to him about them with a real sense of interest and knowledge, he would absolutely love talking to you.

Many guys also like to talk with flirtatious humor.

They love to have harmless flirtatious banter back and forth.

This is how they really allow themselves to understand you and whether you are the kind of girl who can take a flirty joke.

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So a guy may want to talk to you in a flirtatious manner because he loves being able to say things that are not so politically correct or appropriate.

If you are alright with this kind of conversation, you should show him that you are.

Some guys are quite cautious at first when they start talking to a girl.

They may really want to flirt but they don’t because they aren’t sure about how the girl would take it.

If he knows that you are totally game for this and you actually enjoy it, he would be a lot more prone to flirting with you.

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This actually makes him feel more comfortable with you as time goes on.

If he is a guy that you are interested in, this is the frame of mind you want him to be in.

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