I Went Out On A First Date With This Guy, He Made Out He Was Really Into Me And Now He Is Being Really Distant. Why?

I Went Out On A First Date With This Guy, He Made Out He Was Really Into Me And Now He Is Being Really Distant. Why?

His feelings may have changed since the date because he has now had time to reflect on the date.

You may have felt like he liked you during the date because he made out that he was really into you, but it doesn’t mean that he maintained that feeling after the date.

Sometimes a guy will reflect on a date after the fact.

While he is reflecting, he may notice that he didn’t really have the connection with you that he was hoping that he would have.

Perhaps he got caught up in the moment and just made himself believe that he was into you.

However, it is much easier for him to reflect on the first date when he is no longer in that moment.

Upon reflection, he may have come to the decision that he enjoyed your company but there was something still missing.

He didn’t quite get the spark or jolt of excitement that he was hoping for.

He may have even come into that first date with a lot of expectations.

Some of those expectations may have been met and others may not have.

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While he was at the date, he may not have been entirely sure of what expectations you didn’t meet.

He may have been entirely caught up in the moment and thereby was unaware of this lacking.

However, once the date was over, he was able to reflect on those expectations and what was met and what wasn’t.

He may have come to the decision that you did not meet certain expectations that he really wanted to be met.

Reflection is a major reason why a guy would suddenly become distant after a first date even when he made out to you that he was really into you during the date.

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Another reason why he may be distant now is that he may not be looking for a relationship right now.

He may have gotten the vibe that you are looking for a relationship at this time.

Though he may have been attracted to you and was enjoying your company, he may have already known that things wouldn’t go beyond this point.

He may have felt that he just didn’t want to put himself in the position where you would be expecting him to get into a relationship with you.

He knows that this would require a good deal of his time and devotion and he may not have wanted to put himself in this position.

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Hence, the more he got to know you during the date, the more he realized that the both of you may not be matching in terms of what you are both looking for in a relationship.

Perhaps he would have been fine with pursuing more of a casual relationship with you but sensed that you wanted more than that.

So, he became distant.

He may be worried that if he were to continue communicating with you and seeing you on a regular basis that he may give you the wrong idea.

You may get to the point where you want a lot more from him than he is willing to give and he wants to avoid putting himself in this position.

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He may feel like there is too much expectation and he just wants to get away from it.

By getting away from it, he may want to be able to just think things through and figure out where he may want things to go or not go in the interaction.

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