How To Impress A Girl Who Already Has A Boyfriend?

How To Impress A Girl Who Already Has A Boyfriend?

It is best not to try to impress a girl who already has a boyfriend.

You will be putting in a lot of effort into something that could easily end up becoming a waste of your time.

This kind of effort should be put into a girl who actually doesn’t have a boyfriend.

This is where your energy, effort and time may end up actually being rewarded with this girl who doesn’t have a boyfriend ultimately accepting a date from you.

You may feel that this girl who already has a boyfriend is the best match for you.

Perhaps she has even given you a number of signs that has made you believe that she likes you as well.

Perhaps she has even flirted with you from time to time.

The problem with all of this is that, she still has a boyfriend.

In essence, no matter how many signals that she has sent your way that may indicate that she is romantically interested in you, she still has a boyfriend that she goes back to everyday.

A girl who truly liked you would not want her boyfriend to get in the way of possibly getting you to like her or date her.

Hence, she would want to be single and available for you.

If you were to allow yourself to begin trying to impress this girl, you may end up becoming emotionally invested in this girl to the point where you develop really strong feelings for her.

The problem with that is that she is already emotionally invested in someone else, her boyfriend.

She would have to divide her feelings between you and her boyfriend.

That is a bad place to be because it means that she wouldn’t be fully emotionally invested in you.

If she is’t fully emotionally invested in you, it would be a lot easier for her to stay with her boyfriend over you because she would naturally stay with what she knows as opposed to getting into a relationship with you that may lead nowhere.

At least, with her boyfriend, she knows what to expect.

With you, she doesn’t.

I know it is hard for you to accept the fact that she may want to stay with her boyfriend over you.

However, do understand that she is still with that boyfriend and regardless of whatever signs of interest you believe you have gotten from her, that is where she stands currently.

Sometimes, a girl may show signs of interest in a guy outside of her relationship because she has gotten really complacent in her relationship and may feel the need to interact with someone out of it just so that she feels more desirable or she gets some kind of excitement in her life.

It really doesn’t mean that this is the direction that she wants to go.

Oftentimes, she may play around with this guy for a while, possibly flirt with him, even communicate with him on a regular basis.

However, once she has had her fill, she will most likely stay with her boyfriend.

Unfortunately, by this time, you may be so emotionally invested in her that it will be that much harder for you to let her go.

Your best bet is to avoid trying to impress this girl who already has a boyfriend so that you don’t find yourself in this emotional hole.

Being cognizant of your emotions when it comes to this girl is crucial in order to prevent yourself from falling for a girl who is most likely not emotionally available to you.


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