If You Give Someone A Second Chance After Cheating, Are You A Weakling?

If You Give Someone A Second Chance After Cheating, Are You A Weakling?


You made the decision to give that person a second chance based on something relevant to yourself and the relationship.

It may have been because the person that cheated on you apologized, seemed contrite and you were willing to take another chance on them.

It could have been because of the circumstances in which this other person cheated on you.

Perhaps you believe that your relationship was so shaky with this person at the time that it isn’t so inconceivable that this person decided to cheat on you.

Perhaps during this difficult time, you were also on the verge of cheating on them or strongly considering it.

Perhaps you have chosen to give this person a second chance because you have cheated in a previous relationship and would have loved it if your partner at the time had given you a second chance.

Perhaps your previous partner did give you that chance and you went on to have a healthy relationship with them.

Hence, you now believe that, it is only fair that you show this kind of mercy to this current partner that cheated on you.

You could be giving this person a second chance for a number of reasons.

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The most important thing here is that you stand by the decision you have made.

If you start believing that you are a weakling for having given this person a second chance, there would have been no point in doing so in the first place.

Basically, you will be second-guessing your decision all the time to the point where it could put further strain on your relationship with this person.

Again, if you have decided that you will give this person who cheated on you a second chance, you have to be absolutely sure of that and accept that.

You can’t doubt what you are doing. You will only cause further issues in your relationship if you do.

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For example, you will have a hard time letting an argument go without bringing up the cheating incident.

You will have a hard time letting your partner out of your sight for any extended period of time.

You will find yourself constantly going through your partner’s personal belongings just to ensure that he isn’t cheating on you behind your back all over again.

In essence, you would condemn your relationship with your partner to one of distrust and stress.

This is why you really have to ask yourself whether you can handle your decision.

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If you are so caught up in being thought to be a weakling by giving this person a second chance, you may never truly be able to move forward in this relationship.

In the back of your mind, you’ll keep asking yourself whether you did the right thing.

Hence, you will not be able to truly move on nor will the relationship.

You made the decision to give this person a second chance based on your own reasoning.

Your own reasoning is what matters.

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What other people think is irrelevant because they aren’t in your relationship.

Understand the decision that you have made and stand by it.

If you can’t, you may be better off ending this relationship.

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