Giving A Relationship A Second Chance, What Are The Signs That He Is Making An Effort?

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Giving A Relationship A Second Chance, What Are The Signs That He Is Making An Effort?

If you have given a relationship a second chance, a sign that he is making an effort is in how he communicates.

Are you noticing that he is trying to communicate with you more often than before?

Do take notice of this.

It shouldn’t be only for the sake of it.

On the contrary, if you notice that he tends to ask more substantial questions of you and remembers important details about your conversations, this is a strong sign of effort.

The amount of time he spends with you is also important.

Is he spending more time with you than he used to?

Again, in this scenario, it is not just about how much time he is spending with you but also whether this is quality time.

Quality time is more indicative that he is being serious.

Is he animated and engaged when he spends that time with you?

Does he seem genuinely interested to be there or does it look like he is lackluster?

You will be able to tell if he is being lackluster by the amount of energy he has both in his voice and body language.

Hence, if he is spending more time with you and is animated, he is showing signs of effort.

Has he gotten rid of some habits that you detested in him?

If he used to say or do things that would either get you irritated or frustrated, has he stopped doing them?

If he has stopped doing them or is at least making a conscious effort not to do them, this is a strong sign that he is making an effort.

Is he taking some initiative in the relationship?

In other words, he isn’t leaving everything to you to handle but is also trying to set up activities and engagements that you will both partake in.

If he is making a concerted attempt to do these things, he is showing signs of effort because he is not just leaving the relationship to chance or to you.

This is a good sign.

He has to put out effort for this to really work.

When he is, he is letting you know that he is taking the relationship seriously and is willing to do what it takes to keep it moving in a positive direction.

This is where you want to be with him.

This is how you know that taking a chance on this guy may be worth it.

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