Could This Relationship Work?

Could This Relationship Work?

The relationship could work if you both approach it in the right way.

You shouldn’t give in to the idea of what a good relationship is supposed to look like.

In other words, get rid of the fantasies that you have always had about what a perfect relationship is.

Those were fantasies and this is real life. Real life is what you have to face today.

You have to face the reality of the nature of your relationship.

It could be a totally different dynamic than what you have always fantasized.

On the flip side, it could seem very similar.

Either way, you shouldn’t get caught up in how you think things should be.

You shouldn’t allow those fantasies to guide your actions and the way you deal with issues in your relationship.

Your goal should be to function within the reality of the kind of relationship you have.

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When you get caught up in your fantasies, you may expect something of your partner that he is simply not capable of giving.

This is because you had created the perfect partner in your fantasies.

Well, you don’t have the perfect partner.

In fact, there is no perfect partner.

There is who you have today.

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You and your partner will have to be willing to work with this if you are to have any chance of making your relationship work.

You will have to have a realistic approach to the issues.

Have a solid idea of what your partner is capable of and try to stay within that reality.

When you expect too much of your partner, he may not want to keep trying.

He may feel as though you are applying too much pressure on him to be a certain way that is not in his nature.

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This is the danger you can easily fall into.

Something else that you will have to consider is how desperately you want this relationship to work.

This can be dangerous too.

When you are so desperate to make a relationship work, you may give way too much and this can create a very poignant imbalance in the relationship.

A relationship is a two way street.

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If you are the one who is giving so much because you are desperately hoping to make the relationship work, you will be causing an imbalance that will only lead to despair.

Your partner may take it for granted that you are trying so hard.

As a result, he may not try at all.

Why should he?

You are doing all the work.

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This isn’t the right approach.

You have to be willing to ensure that both you and your partner contribute equally to the relationship.

Don’t allow yourself to take up so much of the responsibilities when it comes to the relationship.

Make sure that your partner is doing his fair share of the work.

Whether it is work around the house, paying bills or setting up your social life as a couple, you should ensure that you are both equally contributing to the relationship.

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This is how you can keep your relationship on an even keel.

This is how you give your relationship the best shot at working.

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