Is It Better To Be Trusting And Naive Or Cautious And Doubtful In A Relationship?

Is It Better To Be Trusting And Naive Or Cautious And Doubtful In A Relationship?

It is better to be trusting.

You don’t have to be naive.

Being naive would indicate that you are trying to make yourself believe in stuff that is not necessarily true or that you are willing to simply go for whatever your partner wants or desires.

A relationship is supposed to be fifty fifty.

There has to be a give and take for a relationship to work.

If you were to go into it blindly trusting and allowing yourself to be naive, you would be causing an imbalance in the relationship.

When a relationship is imbalanced, you can’t really have a healthy relationship because someone in the relationship is going to feel more and more entitled, while another may feel like their needs are not being met.

This is not a position you should want to be in.

It’s imperative that you share in a relationship fifty fifty.

When you trust with good reason in a relationship, you are showing your partner that you are willing to look at them as your trusted mate.

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You are allowing them to see just what they mean to you.

Not only will this make your partner feel good but it will also make them want to ensure that they keep that trust.

If it is a partner that truly cares about you, keeping and maintaining that trust would be a very important element to how they approach the relationship.

This is how you should want your partner to think.

You want to make them feel obligated to do what it takes in order to maintain that trust that you have placed in them.

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This works both ways.

When you both know that you trust each other, you will feel more invested in the relationship and willing to do what it takes not to betray that trust.

If you were to be cautious and doubtful in a relationship, you would make it very difficult to develop a meaningful bond in the relationship.

There will be a lot more arguments or looks of disapproval.

Even if your partner were to do something nice for you, there would typically be a part of you that wonders why your partner did that.

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This doesn’t allow you to enjoy special moments in the relationship, even anniversaries.

When you are cautious, it will be difficult to maintain an open channel of communication that is honest and forthright.

In essence, you will find the need to hide things from your partner.

You may refuse to let your partner know about an important problem because you wouldn’t believe that your partner would be willing or able to give you the aid you need.

Your partner may do the same thing as well.

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This becomes a serious problem when there are moments that you simply need some emotional support and yet you are unable to talk to your partner because you have allowed so much doubt and caution to build up in the relationship.

The longer this kind of caution and doubt persists in the relationship, the harder it will be to get past it and start trusting one another.

In essence, your relationship may reach the point of no return.

This level of caution and doubt can actually become a true burden to the extent that you can’t see a way around it. This is not a point you should want to get to.

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