Are Some “Clingy” People Worth Dating Anyway?

Are Some "Clingy" People Worth Dating Anyway?

It really depends on what works for you.

If you can handle a clingy partner, it may work for you.

Perhaps you have had experience in this.

You may have dated a clingy person in the past and it ended up being the best relationship you’ve ever had.

You may even be a clingy person as well.

It really depends on what you feel would work for you.

However, if you are not into people who are clingy, it is best not to date a clingy person.

You may trick yourself into believing that she isn’t that clingy.

You may allow yourself to focus on her other qualities.

Perhaps she is very beautiful and would look great as your girlfriend on your arm.

Perhaps she has a wonderful sense of humor or she tends to take risks.

You may love that dangerous side of her.

You then allow yourself to focus on those particular qualities and ignore the fact that you know she is clingy.

You may even get into a relationship with her after some dating and think that things are actually going a lot better than you thought they would.

She doesn’t seem to be as clingy as you once thought she was or you heard that she was.

She seems to be quite independent.

However, with time, the cracks begin to show.

You have passed that initial stage of dating where you are both caught up in the newness of it all.

It is now getting serious.

Now you notice the cracks.

She may start asking you about your communication habits.

Perhaps you forgot to text her back or you got back to her an hour later the other day.

She complains about that.

Then she begins to complain about the fact that you are hanging out with your friends too much.

She then gets into the habit of complaining about not having a great day in the hopes that you make her feel better.

She now wants to know where you were the last hour because she was trying and trying to get a hold of you and she couldn’t.

These are all signs that she is beginning to get clingy with you.

You may notice them but still tell yourself that it is temporary.

You are still latching on to how beautiful she is or how exciting she is to be around.

However, as time goes on, you realize that there are more and more examples of her clingy behavior.

This is when you start to get worried and you are unsure of what to do.

Now, you may get lucky.

Perhaps everything I just described won’t happen to you.

Perhaps you will start dating this girl that you know to be clingy and it will all turn out fine.

However, you do have to understand that if she has a reputation of being clingy and you have even sensed it to a degree in her character, there is a good chance that she is.

If this is the kind of behavior that you know you wouldn’t be able to tolerate, you may be better off not dating her.

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