Dating A Girl Who Wants To Move In Together

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Dating A Girl Who Wants To Move In Together

Moving in together is a very big move.

It shouldn’t be taken lightly.

If you have been dating a girl that wants to now move in with you, you have to think about it very conscientiously.

It can be easy to make a quick decision based on how you feel at the moment.

You may feel like you have a lot of chemistry with this girl and as a result the prospect of moving in together seems inviting.

However, you may be inviting premature issues into the relationship that could jeopardize it if you don’t think this through.

It is a very different kind of life when you have someone actually living with you.

You are in each other’s space and may see each other each and every day.

You will have responsibilities as far as bills to pay and upkeep of the home.

You will have to figure out how you share chores.

You will have to figure out how you handle friends and family coming over.

You will have to understand how to manage time.

You may will not be free to go and come at whatever time that you please as you once was when you lived alone.

A significant degree of independent freedom will be lost.

This is a lot to take in and put into your life if you haven’t prepared yourself for it and thought things through.

By moving in together, the dynamics of your relationship can change entirely.

Do you honestly believe that you are ready for this kind of responsibility?

Do you honestly understand the depth of this action?

It is a lifestyle change. It would require a lot of change and compromise on your part.

Are there certain facets to your life that you can’t see yourself compromising on at the moment?

Think about that.

Are you willing to compromise on areas of your life that you treasure?

If you are used to staying up at all hours of the night, you may have to compromise on this.

If you are used to being as loud and rambunctious as you want at your place, you may have to compromise on this.

If you are used to cooking what you want when you want, you may have to compromise on this.

If you are used to watching what you want on the TV and playing your video games whenever you want, you may have to compromise on this.

If you are used to going out and coming home whenever you please, you may have to compromise on this.

There is honestly so much to consider here.

You can’t allow the fact that you feel a strong romantic connection with this person at the moment to cloud your judgment.

Moving in together entails so much more than you may initially think.

People often simply allow the deciding factor to be the fact that this is a person that they really like being with.

Well, having this person around constantly may or may not be a good idea at the moment.

This person may have quirks or habits that will ultimately frustrate you.

If you don’t spend enough time with this person and simply rush into moving in together, you don’t know what kind of habits they have that you can either tolerate or not.

If you move in together without this knowledge and experience, you could be stuck with someone each and every day who would irritate you.

Finances are also very important.

If you haven’t given it enough time to learn about this person’s financial behavior, you may find yourself stuck with someone who doesn’t help with the bills.

This ultimately puts a lot of stress on you and a huge strain on the relationship.

Be wise.

Don’t jump into a quick decision to have this girl move in together with you.

Think this through.

You may need some more time with this girl before the both of you move in together.

On the flip side, moving in may not be the best decision for the type of relationship that you have with her.

Consider all of the angles before you do something that you may live to regret.

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