Dating A Girl Who Wants To Move In Together

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Dating A Girl Who Wants To Move In Together

Moving in together is a significant move.

Don’t take it lightly.

Though you are dating this girl and believe you have grown to know her, moving in together is different.

How good you feel about her as a girlfriend is deceiving.

There has been so much chemistry with her and the prospect of moving in together seems inviting.


Dating is different when you live with your girlfriend.

You are in each other’s space and see each other each and every day.

There are responsibilities as far as bills to pay and upkeep of the home.

Chores have to be shared.

Friends and family coming over and how that impacts your relationship has to be considered.

Managing time matters.

Unlike before you moved in together, you aren’t free to go and come at whatever time you please.

A significant degree of independent freedom is lost.

This is a lot to take in when you haven’t prepared yourself for it and thought it through.

By moving in together, the dynamics of your relationship utterly changes.

Are you ready for this responsibility?

This is a lifestyle change, that requires much change and compromise on your part.

Are there certain facets to your life that you don’t see yourself compromising on at the moment?

Are you about to compromise in specific areas of your life that you aren’t prepared to do?

When you are used to staying up late into the night, a compromise is needed.

Being as loud and rambunctious as you want at your place needs compromise.

Cooking whatever you want when you want needs compromise.

Watching what you want on the TV and playing your video games whenever you want needs compromise.

So much to consider.

Avoid having your feelings for her cloud your judgment.

Moving in together entails so much more than you think.

No matter how much you love her company, are you ready to see her everyday and have her in your business?

Are you prepared for her quirks and idiosyncratic habits, some of which have the potential to irritate you?

A habit of hers you considered cute whenever you witnessed it on a date with her, doesn’t look so cute when you are experiencing it each and every day.

Finances matter too.

Without enough time to learn about her financial behavior, you are stuck with someone who has the potential to be a deadweight in helping out with bills.

This applies stress on you and a huge strain on the relationship.

Be wise.

Don’t jump into a quick decision to have this girl move in together with you.

Think this through.

You need some more time with this girl before deciding on moving in together.

Be warned.

Moving in together isn’t a must in a relationship.

Where you feel that your relationship is better off without moving in together, don’t be afraid to let her know that.

Never get into something you are uncomfortable with based on what your girlfriend wants.

This is a partnership.

A partner who has a girlfriend move in out of pressure, is bound to be an unhappy partner.

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