Why Would Someone Try To Date Anyone That They Didn’t Feel Any Chemistry With?

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Why Would Someone Try To Date Anyone That They Didn't Feel Any Chemistry With?

Perhaps they felt something but aren’t quite sure about what it was.

In order to be certain, this person decides to date this other person that they didn’t initially feel any chemistry with.

Some people will do this.

They may believe that there were moments in their interaction that seemed to be going somewhere.

They may have felt really good during these moments and hoped that they would last.

However, at some point, the interaction took a turn and they realized that they were beginning to descend from their initial level of excitement.

It could have been a certain word that was used during the interaction, a certain mannerism exhibited or simply an unexpected change in the direction of the topic which they didn’t enjoy.

However, by the end of that first interaction, they liked the person enough that they felt that perhaps there was something there that could be salvaged.

So they decide to go on another date or a few more with this person in the hopes that the spark can be resurrected and maintained.

Another reason why someone would try to date another that they didn’t feel any chemistry with would be because they don’t care that much about chemistry.

A lot of meaning is placed on chemistry between two dating individuals.

It is believed by many that chemistry is a must for someone to want to date another. However, this isn’t always the case.

You don’t always know what kind of relationship someone is seeking and what they are willing to ignore in order to get one.

There are some people who care a lot more about how stable in life their date is than whether they have chemistry with their date.

They may want someone they know can take care of themselves and be responsible.

Even if the chemistry may be nonexistent, it is of no consequence to them.

Their main concern is that this person is responsible enough to give them a stable and secure future.

This is what was most important to this person and why they would choose to date someone that they didn’t feel any chemistry with.

You should also understand that there are some people who truly believe that chemistry can happen over time.

They are incredibly patient with that and don’t place as much emphasis on chemistry in the initial stages of dating or a relationship.

They believe that there is no need to rush into passion.

Perhaps they may share an intellectual connection with this other person and find comfort in that.

For now, that intellectual connection is enough to keep them going as they believe that, with time, chemistry with this other person will eventually develop.

These people simply don’t prioritize chemistry in the initial stages of dating or a relationship the way so many others do.

Chemistry can be a wonderful thing to have with someone else.

However, it isn’t always a guarantee that the relationship will succeed.

Some people may have gotten hurt in the passed by falling for people that they had a whole lot of chemistry with at the start.

However, they eventually realize that they went into these relationships blinded by passion and ultimately those relationships never worked out.

Based on this experience, they don’t place too much importance on chemistry and can entertain the idea of dating someone without it.

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