He Kissed Me And Pretends I’m His Girlfriend But Then Doesn’t Bother To Come And See Me Or Even Message Me?

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He Kissed Me And Pretends I'm His Girlfriend But Then Doesn't Bother To Come And See Me Or Even Message Me?

He may like the idea of pretending that you are his girlfriend but he may not be willing to make it a reality.

Making it a reality and thereby announcing it to the world would put unwanted pressure on him.

There are some guys who are perfectly content playing pretend than being for real.

This way, it is a lot easier for him to be inconsistent in his behavior.

This way, it is a lot easier for him to be inconsistent in his behavior.

He can easily give the excuse that being that he isn’t your real boyfriend, he didn’t have to come and see you or message you.

He can use that kind of excuse over and over again because he knows that he isn’t officially your boyfriend.

Though he may have kissed you, he didn’t look at that as a sign of commitment.

He has probably kissed lots of girls and meant nothing by it.

You may have had little experience in kissing and relationships. As a result, you may believe that being that he kissed you, it must really mean something.

You convince yourself that the kiss is what has led to him pretending that you are his girlfriend.

The truth is, the kiss may have been more of a ploy to keep you interested in him.

He knows that by giving you that kiss, he has consequently hooked you.

Unfortunately, you may be dealing with the kind of guy that likes to string girls along without committing to them.

There is a chance that you aren’t the first girl he has done this to.

There is even a chance that he is currently doing the same thing that he is doing to you with another girl.

He has learned to play this game very well.

He knows that by kissing you and giving you just enough to get you hooked into believing that he might see you as a girlfriend, you will keep coming back for more.

You are coming back for more because you are hopeful that this will eventually lead to a real relationship and real commitment.

When he doesn’t bother to come and see you or even message you, he knows that you will forgive him.

He understands your behavior because he has probably experienced it with other girls.

He knows that you will only feel more and more desperation to get him to commit.

Again, this is a game that he has probably played before and thereby, he has gotten very good at it.

The risk for you in all this is that you begin to develop deeper and deeper feelings for him and he never reciprocates.

When you stay in this situation for too long, you will make yourself a lot more emotionally invested in it.

This makes it that much harder to get out of a bad situation.

You should let him know that you are no longer willing to pretend.

You are no longer willing to be ignored.

If he doesn’t make this relationship official and adjust his behavior, it is best that you leave him for good.

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